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Sands of Time

Sands of Time


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Published by Vishaka Chakrapani
A conversation between Man and Time. Man's Queries and Time's replies.
A conversation between Man and Time. Man's Queries and Time's replies.

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Published by: Vishaka Chakrapani on May 07, 2010
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Sands of Time

Man says, Time! O time! O time! How you fly in front of my eyes. One moment its day, Another moment it s night.

Bit by bit you drag along, With memories instilled in you. But why would you care its nothing to you. Isn t this the truth?

And Time answered, O human, you are unaware, How much I bear every day. To not one, not two, but millions of you, I have to give myself away.

You say I don t care, I have no emotions

Then every day why should I work? I ll stop myself and let me be. And give the universe a jerk.

You say I fly in front of your eyes. But do you ever realize? That your life is very complicated, It s not a game of dice.

And Man asked, Why is it that when I need you the most You run away like lightening? When I m depressed or sad you stand, As if you re mocking my feelings.

And Time replied, I run away so that you can learn my importance. And make haste the next time. I wait; so you ll know I am patient. You see I m committing no crime.

Even after all this, You still think you are the slave. Then I suggest you give it another thought. For what am I? But a nonexistent grave.

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