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is it mater?????

is it mater?????

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Published by Kunal Bansode
think on it........
think on it........

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Published by: Kunal Bansode on May 07, 2010
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hi friends ................

i am believing in god and love and most friendship........... i am in love with one beautiful girl, when she entered my life my life changes rapidly before she came in my life i had a affairs with girls but that was not much serious. but after fall in love with this girl i know the love, means i really know the what actually a love means..... in todays fast world people says that love and long relationship are not matter. But really today there is no need of love and relationship i dont think that love is a moral of life. INDIANs are emotional but they are successful in life, success does not mean money, power, or prestige but satisfaction in life is the best symbol of success in life. some people says emotions make a person fool, but only emotions give the strength for fighting. Right now INDIA is a developed country but the thinking and their view towards love relations are not changed. in India religion is very important factor i am also respects all the religions, religion is the important part in Indian people life, but every religion says live life with love then why some people create problems in love marriages. some people thinks that looks are very important in love, if there is no perfect match for each other in others view then they dont marry each other even they do not have any problem but their family or friends are interfering their life and create misunderstanding between them, and try to divert their mind from love. Is this really matter in love religion and looks or they are live happily is important..................

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