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Semester Exam Study Guide

Fill in the blank with the correct answer.

1. ____________________was a famous Greek philosopher.
2. America was named after_______________________________________.
3. _______________________was Pharoahs chief assistant.
4. ________________________was a Chinese philosopher
5. ________________________wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey.
6. __________________________was a reformer in Zurich.
7. __________________________discovered Florida.
8. __________________________was a Scottish preacher.
9. __________________________was a Viking explorer.
10. __________________________defeated the Moors at the Battle of Tours.
11. __________________________was known as the Morning Star of the
12. __________________________asked God for wisdom.
13. __________________________was the father of the nation of Israel.
14. __________________________was a great Frankish king.
15. __________________________was the Greek conqueror of Persia.
16. __________________________founded Islam.
17. __________________________founded China Inland Mission.
18. __________________________landed on San Salvador in 1492.
19. __________________________was the Carthaginian general that attacked
Rome with his war elephants.
20. __________________________led the building of the Tower of Babel.
21. __________________________wrote History of the Peloponnesian War.
22. __________________________was a great Athenian statesman.
23. __________________________invented the moveable-type printing press.
24. __________________________was the chief advisor to Nebuchadnezzar.
25. __________________________founded Quebec.
26. __________________________was the first Roman emperor to persecute
27. __________________________greatest English author.
28. __________________________probably controlled more of the earth than any
other human being in history.
29. __________________________was the first great king of England
30. __________________________conquered the Aztecs.
31. __________________________built the hanging gardens
32. __________________________led England in the defeat of the Spanish
33. _______________________was the first European to travel the length of Asia.
34. _______________________discovered the Pacific Ocean.
35. _______________________ and _________________________of Spain
sponsored Columbus voyages.
36. _______________________rule marked the beginning of the French nation.

37. _______________________defeated Antonys fleet in battle near Actium.

38. _______________________was the first human king of Israel.
39. _____________________, _____________________, and Jacob are the
patriarchs of Israel.
Answer each question.
40. Which crusade involved children?_________________________
41. Which crusade captured Asia Minor and Jerusalem?_______________________
42. What group of people were the founders of Rome?________________________
43. What was the name given to Arab nomads?_____________________________
44. What is a group of people who think of themselves as one and act in history as a
45. What revived interest in trade with the Orient?____________________________
46. What was the first permanent English settlement in the New World?
47. What is the belief in the continuous process of rebirth?_____________________
48. What were the followers of Wycliffed called?_____________________________
49. What group of people lived on the island of Crete?________________________
50. What is the worlds longest fortification?_________________________________
51. In what year did the Protestant Reformation begin?________________________
52. What group of people were sea-traders?________________________________
53. What agreement ended the Thirty Years War?___________________________
54. What group of people divided by the number 60?_________________________
55. Over how many people saw the resurrected Christ?_______________________
56. What edict of Constantine granted Christians the freedom to worship?
57. When was the King James version of the Bible completed?_________________
58. Who founded the Babylonian Empire?__________________________________
59. What does the Tigris Rivers name mean?_______________________________
60. What country developed the caste system?______________________________
61. Which philosophy puts man equal with or above God?_____________________
62. What Greek city state constantly trained its citizens for war?_________________
63. Who is the god of the Muslims?_______________________________________
64. What is the name of Egyptian writing?__________________________________
65. What does A.D. mean?______________________________________________
66. Who worked the manors for the nobles?________________________________
67. What was the terrible plague that killed 1/3 of the European population?
68. What country won the Hundred Years War?_____________________________
69. What was the Southern Kingdom of Israel called?_________________________
70. What is Sumerian writing called?______________________________________
Be able to locate the following places on a map.
Strait of Gibraltar



Black sea

Bay of Biscay

Alps Mountains





Bay of Bengal







Arabian Sea

Gobi Desert