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University of Texas at El Paso

Kinesiology Physical Education Teacher Education

The Relays

Teacher: Michael Mendoza

Date: April 13, 2016

Grade Level: 6th Grade

Time: 3:12-3:57

Activities: Locomotor
Skills/Balancing equipment with
friendly competition

Number of Students: 30

Equipment: Cones, bean bags, hula hoops, Frisbees, sponge balls,

radio, iPod
Facility: Parkland Middle School Small GYM

OBJECTIVES (1-3 per domain):


1 The students will demonstrate movements and exercises that will

benefit the students health and movements that can be used in
different activities.
2 The students will perform balancing exercises with equipment and self.
3 The students will work on their muscular endurance and cardiovascular
4 Students will be able to perform new skills that will emphasize and
require concentration, hand-eye coordination, and self as well as
spatial awareness.

1 The students will gain knowledge on the importance of self awareness.

2 Students will be able to recognize and identify different types of
fundamental skills.
3 Students will be able to demonstrate multitasking while having a team
goal in mind.

1 Students will demonstrate good team skills as well as support and skill
growth among their team.
2 The students will demonstrate enthusiasm and knowledge of every
activity and complete was is expected of them
3 Student will enjoy and value the experience of learning and working
hard to win as a team.

TEKS: 1A, 1H, 1C, 5A, 6A, 6B, 7 A-B-C

National Standards: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5


= Cones,

= Line of 3 students,

= Instructor,

= Equipment

Lesson Plan Content


5 min

Content Development



Introduction and Rules:

Attention Getter:

Before we get started we will begin

with our 5 min workout. The warm
up will consist of a different
variation of paper-scissors-rock.
Students will find a partner and
instead of paper-scissors-rock
students will go 1, 2, 3, and shoot
and show a number with their hand
the student is responsible for
multiplying his/her hand and his/her
partners hand then shout out the
correct answer student with the
correct answer must then run back
to his/her wall before being tagged
if they are tagged they do an
exercise designated by coach if
they make it then the partner does
the exercise, Coach will switch
partners on the whistle and switch
Today we will be focusing on our
loco-motor skills while doing relay
races and balancing equipment at
the same time.

10 min

Management and
Safety; includes

Now that the students are ready to

begin the activity and in the proper
area instructor will explain the
activity. Coach Mendoza will explain
and demonstrate the following
activity. There will be approximately
5-6 cones on one sideline 3-5 feet
away from each other and across
from the cones on the opposite
sideline there will be buckets
containing a bean bag, Frisbee,
hula hoop and a ball. There will be

Good Morning
(Count down from 5
to 1 with quiet
signal engaged)
Transition: When I
say go everyone will
spread out with their
partner and meet in
the middle between
each sideline for our
warm up.

1. Task Analysis
2. Teaching

Be energetic
If time permits will do
5-minute warm up.

All other students

must be sitting down
or standing while their
team members go.

Great Job!

Encourage your team

Transition: On go
students will be
asked to sit in the
middle of the field or

Transition: When I
say go students will
be allowed to pick
their own teams of 6
and walk to their
station and sit or
stand in a straight
line quietly behind
the equipment.

No negative
comments only
positive ones!

Awesome balancing!

Stay focused and

dont give up!

Try hard for your


Most important have

25 min

3 students behind each sideline,

this will designate their teams. On
the whistle the first person of the
team will place the bean bag on
their head and do a loco-motor
movement provided by the coach
across to the cone and back to the
team line. The second team
member will now repeat with the
bean bag on their head but now the
hula hoop around their arm as well.
Once second team member is back
the third team member will do the
same with the bean bag and hula
but now they will also have the
Frisbee on their fingers and go
across the court and back. Finally
the last team member will do the
same will the previous equipment
but now they will have a medium
ball between their legs and have to
also go across the gym and back,
once the last team member is back
with all the equipment that team
wins. The team that wins gets to
pick what all the other teams
exercise on, whether it is 10 squats,
push-ups, or sit ups. If at any time
any team member drops an item
they must stop in place pick it up
and keep going. The next round the
teams must go in different order.
Modifications include adding
different loco-motor movements for
example skipping or the students
can choose any movement if the
task are too hard. If task is
extremely difficult then students are
allowed to take equipment any way
they want across and back.

Once game/activity is complete
students will scatter in their own
space to do several stretches if time
permits (arms across the chest,
triceps stretch, over head stretch,
behind the back stretch, finger

fun with the activity.

On the first whistle
your first team
member will go.

On the second
whistle everyone will
stop place
equipment back; this
means the race is

Control the
equipment, dont let it
control you!

Dont give up!

Transition: will get
into groups of 6, 3
on one side of the
court and 3 on the

Cues: ON my GO!


Home position is all

equipment on the
floor close together
and eyes on coach
when he says freeze!

Have fun and smile

dont make it so hard
on yourselves!

Enjoy the hard work

and enjoy the trip it
takes you to achieve
your goal.

5 min

wiggle, shoulder stretch and leg

stretches). Following that students
will be asked variety of questions on
the lesson taught including
psychomotor, cognitive and
affective questions. These include:
What types of locomotor
movements did you use during this
Where could you using balancing
like this again?
How important is it to encourage
your team members?
How did some of you personally
focus on multitasking?
Where else do you multitask?
Why is it important to concentrate
and focus?
What muscles did you use?
How does it feel to know many
others have the same problem as

On the whistle
students must stay
close but in their own
space to debrief.