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Louie Vargas

Professor Suk
Education Field Experience EDUC 230-01
Spring 2016
Rationale Statement
Statement of Standard Five: Application of Content
The teacher understands how to connect concepts and use differing perspectives to
engage learners in critical thinking, creativity, and collaborative problem solving related
to authentic local and global issues (NJPTSB, 2014, pg 6).
Name of Artifact: Teach2Matter Activity
Date of Artifact: March 24, 2016
Course: Education Field Experience EDUC 230-01

Rationale Statement:
This artifact is my Teach2Matter activity, which was my Teagle Reflection Essay
on my Service Learning experience at Hunterdon Preparatory School from my
Foundations of Education class last fall. This artifact directly correlates to Essential
Knowledge Standard 5.3 which states, The teacher understands the demands of
accessing and managing information as well as how to evaluate issues of ethics and
quality related to information and its use (7). This is because in my Teagle Reflection
Essay, I wrote extensively about the problems Hunterdon Prep School faced, which was
mainly how students do not have an efficient means of accessing information to guide

them in their education. My group and I planned to work with Hunterdon Prep School to
fix this problems, by having more students helping at at Hunterdon Prep School, and
allowing the students to have more means of accessing information.
What I learned from this artifact was that you can be the change you want to see.
Last fall we only had 3 students performing their Service Learning at Hunterdon Prep
School between the Foundations of Education and Field Experience classes. At the
school the three of us quickly realized how important we were to the students education.
Because all the students in each class were working on different material, the teacher
did not teach to the class, but instead taught to each individual student. So by having us
RVCC students there, we were able to help students while the teacher was aiding other
students. So our plan for our Teach2Matter activity was to have more students from both
Foundations of Education and Field Experience perform their Service Learning at
Hunterdon Prep School, and so far it has been a success. More students have been
performing their Service Learning there, and it has positively impacted the education of
the students at Hunterdon Prep School.
It is possible for this artifact to be used in my future classroom. When I become
my own teacher, I would love to have college students perform their Service Learning in
my classroom, and at the school I teach at. They would be a great aide in the education

of my students as well as the rest of the students at my school.