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‘MUSIC LIBRARY UNC-CHAPEL HILL, Authorised photocopy supplied by MUSIC. ‘SALES LIMITED Music . . M382 Kaija Saariaho we ah s. IAG NEW GATES for flute, viola and harp CHESTER MUSIC NEW GATES 1996 Notation and other instructions GENERAL MARKS —— > _ change very gradually from one sound or way of playing to another, ® flute and viola: always semitone trills unless otherwise specified, Happ tills according to the current pedalling. = diminuendo al niente o—== crescendo dalniente sv. senza vibrato ‘When vibrato markings are not specified, players can use their usual vibrato, “Molto vibrato” always means a rapid and larger vibrato, unless otherwise specified. Tremolo should always be as dense as possible. Ly. always as long as possible. FLUTE ailiss. if not marked otherwise, the glissandi are always a semitone. breath tone: use the fingering needed to produce the marked pitch; however, don’t produce the normal tone, just blow air through the instrument, j breath tone: normal tone. whisper the given phonemes into the instrument in the shythm marked, whilst simultaneously playing the pitches and other events marked, Pronounciation follows in general the rules of the French language, as follows: as in the French de as in the French feuilles as in the French ecartees as in the French mur as in the French toi as in the French jaune as in the French soleil as in the French Je as in the French mur BE TE RTO Always stress the phonemes as though there were an accentuation mark on each one. VIOLA SP always estremamente sul ponticello ST. sul tasto N normal (used with $.P. and §:T., otherwise ord.) always use natural harmonic add bow pressure to produce a scratching sound, in which the audible pitch is totally replaced by the noise. (1 as above but move back from noise to tone again. ‘When playing Jong sustained tones the bow changes should always be made imperceptibly, and independently of the other players. During long slurs which include several long sustained notes a change of note should preferably not coincide with a change of baw. HARP ‘The harp sounds should always be allowed to ring as long as possible. = pedal glissando: play the first note and then change the pedal while the string a is ringing. z break a ringing sound into a buzz by touching the vibrating string with a finger nail or tuning fork (depending on the volume and preparation time). KS. Duration’ ¢ 12 minutes ‘New Gates (1996) is an arrangement of Gates, Part 2 of the ballet music Maa (1991). First performance by the Sabeth Trio on 2 February 1997, at Stuttgart Tage fir . Neve Musik. ‘Score and parts available on sale Score: Order No. CH 61512, Parts: Order No. SOS 05285 reset Tie ere New Gates Kaj Serio (196) seeps ate ete Te thse lee = = > —rr te a - = mee ee | (© Copyigh Chester Mase Ld 1998 cHoisi2 [Brame SY gu $Y tre = & wf ” “! ™ , ge oo v i] mur’ Bene ie EI if a Uys TARGA Baa 1 4 Ae [Ny ep cometo sy ~ soto ve > sv ——a ® Se a RARY on on ald may igre a a 1 tom net tee Pe Eg I Pan pte ay = =» —_—= + ——" soe 7 . Dy ee a fon “tis srt ar imek or toe ose f = ————& —— Ss ———] >> ——<——=— + —rs @ one Sm » a —_, wee 4 a ———s = ss —___________+» — LS eee SS, _ ——=w# ow He } [rons tie oon See sabato on