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Grade 5 Music All



Period 1, 2 (49

General Outcomes


Specific Learner Outcomes

Reading and Writing: Read instrumental scores for rhythm and melody instruments.

At the end of the lesson students will be able to:
1. Use body percussion to model Orff mallet technique (Understand)
2. Perform musical accompaniment on Orff instruments, while singing (Create)

1. I will observe each student and if they are able to properly model Orff mallet technique, while singing.
(LO #1)
2. Once students are on an Orff instrument I will be able to see if the modeling has transferred and if the
students are able to perform the Orff accompaniment while singing. (LO #2)


The Beat of a Drum by Alvin Spaxman

Orff instruments (7)
Assorted percussion instruments
Class list for each class with students separated into groups.

We will have two areas in the band room: One for learning rhythms (facing the projector) and one for Orff
instruments (facing the office)
Set up instruments away from the projector. Singing will be done facing the projector.
We will be humming and singing syllables instead of Boom Diddy Boom Boom for
contextual reasons.
Ensure that students DO NOT pick up mallets until they are given permission.
With 4 classes I will do my best to keep each class around the same point, but if
some classes advance further than others it is not a big deal.
Split the students into groups before hand so that I am able to get everyone a turn on
the Orff instruments. It will also help with names.
I will only be using 6 Orff instruments so that students can be more evenly split up.
Group 1 percussion, Group 2 or 3 Orff



Need to go to the Grade 5 classroom and pick up the class.

Lead them into the band room and have them sit down facing the projector.
Remind them of my expectations: Respect for people, the instruments, and the music.
Who can tell me what we worked on last week in music class? (Level Bordun, Ise the
By that Builds the Boat)



5 min


Facing the Projector


Go over the words to Ise the By that Builds the Boat in 4 sections. Remind students of
the 6/8 time signature.
What note gets one beat in this time signature? Show the music on the overhead.
Discuss key signature. (Different than Land of the Silver Birch)
Play the song on the clarinet. Have students sing with the clarinet (They have to sing
louder so that I can hear them, seems to work as a classroom management tool, I can play
the song in the right key)
Have students play Group 1 on their legs using their hands. Dotted quarter notes.
Group 1 is the Bass (or the cake, or feet) Group 2 is the Tenor (or the icing, or knees)
Group 3 is the Alto (or the sprinkles, or shoulders)
Good, now were going to learn the next rhythm. This rhythm will be used on the Orff
instruments. We will be learning something called a Simple Bordun. (G-D once each
A Bordun is where we play the 1st and 5th note of the scale that our piece is in. (A fifth =
Star Wars). G major not D minor.
I need everyone to pretend that they have a mallet in their hand. Model and practice.
Show them the xylophone with the bars taken out, how there are 3 notes that this group
will be playing.
A simple Bordun is easy: you just play the same notes over and over again in rhythm.
Now I am going to put you into groups. We will have 2 people sharing each Orff
instrument, so one time you will be playing and one time you will be watching.
I will first announce who will be starting on percussion. We will switch halfway through
so that everyone will have a turn on each instrument
Announce who will start on each Orff instrument then have them walk around the
instruments and sit.

10 min

Orff Instruments

I will have 2 groups. One group will be on the Orff instruments, 2 per Orff instrument
(Group 3). The other students will be playing percussion (Group 1).
Within the group we will switch after 2 times playing. Then the groups will switch and we
will repeat. Everyone should have a chance to play each instrument.
If not all the students get onto the Orff instruments today, then next class that group will be
first on the Orff instruments.
Model for the Orff students, which will also be conducting for the percussion.
When it is time for a group to switch have everyone put down their instruments/mallets.
The Orff group will walk out from the instruments, then I will assign the percussion group
to their Orff instrument.

20 min

Facing the Projector


After everyone has had a chance to practice the Simple Bordun, I will assign students to
Group 1 (percussion) and Group 2 (Simple Bordun)
Pass out percussion instruments to students in Group 1
Perform the piece. Switch the pairs then perform it again.

10 min

Sponge Activity:

Switch the groups and perform Land of the Silver Birch.

Closure: (9:14) or (10:06)


Take up the instruments one by one. Show students how to treat and carry the
Walk around the instruments. Not over them. Have one group go away from the
instruments at a time.
Can anyone remind us what a Simple Bordun is? A Level Bordun? A Cross-Over
Bordun? How is 6/8 different then 4/4 time?
Next week, you will all show me that you know what a Simple, Level, and CrossOver Bordun is. You will go one by one and then I will be able to give you a mark.
Thank you everyone for your participation, and I will see you next week.



4 min