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Lesson Plan Guide

Teacher Candidate: Garrett Hayes

Grade and Topic:6th Grade PE
Mentor Teacher: Claire Knowles

Date: 4-24-16
Length of Lesson: 60 mins
School: University of Memphis - IDT


This lesson plan is to research the 2-3 zone using the internet then present their findings via a concept map of
the 2-3 zone.
Students will be able to conduct a 2-3 zone defense with 80% accuracy
Students must present as a group their concept map they have created based on their research of how a 2-3 zone
The students will be given an example concept map created by the teacher
The students also be given a handout listing what their concept map should cover

State Standard- 1.3.2- participate in a game of basketball displaying proper skills and offensive/defensive
strategies. 1.3.3- design and follow an orienteering course ITSE Standard- 3- Research and information fluency:
Students apply digital tools to gather, evaluate, and use information. 6- Technology operations and concepts:
Students demonstrate a sound understanding of technology concepts, systems and operations
Basketball, basketball goal, and an open area
Technology that can be used is that can be used on a smart phone, tv, or computer to present this video
Concept map that can be designed through Kidspiration


Students demonstrate on via the concept map how the defensive zone should shift based on where the ball is on
the court.
Students will know how to create a presentation using a web 2.0 tool and understand times when a presentation
tool can be used to explain an idea.


Introduction: 5 mins- Explain the advantages of the zone defense over other defenses, and the effectiveness it
can have when executed correctly.
Procedures: 1. Lecture: 5mins- The teacher will explain the idea behind a 2-3 zone defense, the advantages and
disadvantages of the zone. (Questions that may be asked What is the difference between a 2-3 zone and man to man

2. Video: 2:30mins- explaining the defense and showing a visual representation (Questions
that may be asked When does guard shift back to their original spot?, Why does the center move to
side when ball is in the corner of the court?)
3. Concept Map example 15 mins- The Teacher will pull up the concept map example and go over
what makes a good concept map and what a finished concept map may look like. Students will take this time to
ask any questions on what they should include in the concept map and record any notes they feel important to the
4. Group Organization 5mins- The teacher will divide the class into groups of five, explaining to
the class that each student is responsible for one position. They will then research that positions responsibility in
the 2-3 zone defense. Students will decide amongst themselves what position they would like to cover.
5. Kidspiration Practice 5mins- The teacher will open the kidspiration software and help students
sign up for their accounts. After every students has signed up the teacher will then begin introducing basic levels
of kidspirtiation. Students will be mimicking the procedure the teacher is executing on their computer as well. The
teacher will then engaged the class in any questions students may have regarding the assignment.
6. Research and Designing 15mins- Students will now be engaging in research and begin
formulating the layout of their concept map. The teacher will be observing the class giving feedback and
answering any questions the students have regarding their assignment.

Closure: To close the lesson the class will discuss what is needed in the concept map and students can engage
the teacher with any last minute questions that they may have.


The skill they have demonstrated is understanding the 2-3 zone and creating a
concept map reflecting their research
The goal of this assignment is for students to fully demonstrate that they understand
the 2-3 zone defense and how to construct a concept map

Students who do not have internet access at home can draw their parts of the concept map. Once the students
arrive back on school their groups can get together and incorporate their drawing back into the concept map.