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Christyna S.

6406 Francis Ave SE
Auburn, WA 98092
Cell: 253.341.6836
January 23, 2016
Heidi Munoz
777 108th Avenue NE
Bellevue, WA
98004United States
Dear Ms. Munoz,
As a Junior at Washington State University, I am interested in the position Mortgage Loan Analyst Intern that was posted on my universities career webpage. Although I am majoring in math, I
do have an interest in business. Having read the job description, I believe I would be a great
candidate for this internship because I am an excellent student when working with numbers and
financial data. I believe that my sales experience and customer service skills would be of great
help to Symetra.
Having been a student working on my math major for almost 3 years now, I have been taking
classes such as Calculus, Computer Science, and Differential Equations. I have even taken a
few business classes such as Accounting and Economics. These classes helped for preparation
for certain jobs that relate to working with theories on numbers and navigating using computers.
After reading some of the responsibilities on the job advertisement, I have concluded that many
of them require working with computers, such as using spreadsheets and management systems. I already have some computer experience but I also have the ability to quickly learn new
To my best understanding, Symetra Financial works with customers in order to provide them
with the best property rates and loans. Symetra aims to provide the best services at a competitive price. Working previously for 2 years as a sales associate, I have developed many skills related to selling a wide set of products and also I have learned how to work with a broad spectrum of people. At my old job at the WSU Creamery, I was responsible for creating new ideas for
advertisement and always keeping customers happy. Symetra would allow me to improve my
retail skills and I would help with responsibilities to the best of my knowledge.
Thank you Ms. Munoz for taking the time to consider my application. I am eager to speak with
you or another representative at Symetra. I hope to work at an internship that will help me with
my future goals and career, and therefor I will work as hard and as dedicated to my job as I can.
Feel free to contact me through phone or through email.
Christyna George

Christyna S. George
6406 Francis Ave SE
Auburn, WA 98092
Cell: 253.341.6836
My financial objective is to earn enough money to pay for my college education. My goal is to
graduate from Washington State University for an actuarial mathematics degree.
SKILLS AND ABILITIES________________________________________________________
Provide excellent customer service
Problem solving
Experience with computers, Microsoft Word/Excel, C programming
Works effectively individually and as a team member
Basic knowledge under the subjects of math, accounting, engineering, and economics
WORK HISTORY_____________________________________________________________
Waitstaff- Narrows Glen Retirement Home
Take residents orders and serve meals
Bus tables, restock, and maintain a clean environment
Developed outstanding hospitality skills
Able to work with customers of all ages


Sales Associate/Barista - Ferdinands Ice Cream Shoppe

Sell Cougar gold cheese, ice cream, and other merchandise
Prepare coffee drinks with espresso machine
Ring up customers on cash register


Tacoma Community College (Running Start)
Washington State University
Junior standing- expected graduation in spring 2017
Gpa: 3.2


EXTRA CURICULAR__________________________________________________________
Key Club- Auburn Riverside High School
Northwest Xtreme Cheer All Stars, cheerleader- Kent, WA


Eric Needham- WSU Creamery

Job Skills Checklist

I have had two jobs: Working at the WSU creamery and working in a retirement home
as a waitress. Many of the skills on the checklist apply so I picked 9 of the most relevant.
Resolving conflict- Many of the residents at my work are over the age of 80. Many of
them must have their food presented a certain way and will get angry if something is out
of the ordinary. This results in myself having to help them whenever they are upset.
Selling products- At Ferdinand's shoppe I was a sales associate, I helped sell all of the
products that the WSU creamery makes such as cheese and ice cream. I had to advertise
my products and present them in a way that people would be interested enough to buy
Interacting with people on different levels- Not only do I meet new people everyday in the shoppe, I also would have to talk to the elderly everyday. This was a difficult
task because many of them have a hard time deciding what they want to eat or even how
to do so, which takes a great amount of patience.
Collecting money- This relates to myself as a sales associate, I would also run the cash
register and be accountable for revenue and purchases.
Maintaining a high level of activity- The kitchen/restaurantenvironment is always
fast pace. I have the ability to always be on my feet for hours at a time, constantly communicating to people, taking orders, and bringing their product to the customers. I am
able to stay focused and energized all day if I need to.
Dramatizing ideas- Often times in a retirement home, and as a server, you come
acrossmany residents that do not want any food that you offer. We have orders to help
them eat so we often have to "sell" the menu items and talk to the residents for a while
in order to make them feel comfortable enough to eat.
Proposing ideas- At Ferdinands we have many specials every week and its important
to come up with creative ways to advertise the products. I would have to come up with
funny or witty names for coffee, ice cream, cheese, etc.
Handling complaints- At both of my works, I received many complaints each day
about food quality or waiting time. It takes a special person to deal with complaints, I
had to have a lot of patience and no matter what, keep the "customers always right" attitude.
Prioritizing Work- I believe that if you have a commitment, such as work or school,
you must always follow through. This often is difficult because other plans always come
up and are often hard to turn down. As I have become older and more responsible I have
realized how important it is to prioritize work in order to keep your credibility and not
disappoint your coworkers down.

Mortgage Loan Analyst Intern

Symetra Financial
Apply online via our website at:
Posted On:
January 07, 2016
Applications Accepted Until:
March 07, 2016

Symetra is a dynamic and growing financial services company with 50 years of

experience and customers nationwide. In our daily work delivering retirement,
employee benefits, and life insurance products, we're guided by the principles
of VALUE, TRANSPARENCY AND SUSTAINABILITY. That means we provide products and services people need at a competitive price, we communicate clearly
and honestly so people understand what they're getting, and we build products
that stand the test of time. We work hard and do what's right for our customers,
communities and employees. Join our team and share in our success as we
work toward becoming the next national player in our industry.
The Commercial Mortgage Loan Department is located in Symetra's corporate
headquarters in Bellevue, Washington is seeking a Mortgage Loan Analyst Intern
for the summer. This position is an important component of maintaining the
integrity and security of Symetra's $4.7 billion real estate loan portfolio. The
portfolio includes retail property, industrial property and small office buildings
throughout the United States. This applicant will be responsible for reviewing
and analyzing annual property operating statements, rent roll statements and
net operating income spreadsheets (NOI's) for every loan in our real estate loan
portfolio (1900 loans).

Analyzes property operating statements and rent rolls

Creates operating history, income and expense statements
Identifies strengths and weaknesses for properties based on financial information
Determines DSCR and LTV
Identifies inconsistencies in income and vacancies
Reviews original loan write-ups, prior rent roll statements and operating history
Evaluates historical data with current income producing documentation
Analyzes lease agreements
Analyzes market conditions
Evaluates property inspections
Communicates with mortgage bankers and borrowers via email and the telephone
Updates portfolio analysis reports and processes
Enters financial data on master spreadsheet and into loan servicing records
management system
Moves electronic documents to electronic loan folders
Other duties as assigned
Nation Wide




United States

Internship or Co-op (paid minimum wage or higher)


Business Economics - School of Economics, Finance, Financial Markets (Economics)


Junior, Senior, Graduate Student, Alumnus


Finance/Financial Services

May 2016-September 2016


Bachelor's Degree in Finance, Business or Economics (or in process of obtaining)

Ability to analyze financial statements, tax returns, operating statements and

rent rolls or equivalent educational background.
Proficient math skills necessary for analyzing real estate property income financial information aka data
Must be a self-starter
Excellent Microsoft Office Skills, strong emphasis in Excel
Excellent oral and written communication skills
Report to Senior Risk Analyst and Loan Servicing Manager
Requires minimal supervision
Learn more at


Symetra Financial

Heidi Munoz


777 108th Avenue NE

Bellevue, WA
98004United States