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Cassidie Barnhorst

P.E Lesson Plan

1st Grade

The learner will demonstrate an understanding of the general rules of bowling
while being able to identify the key terms
The learner will be able to track their score correctly using math concepts to
determine the final score
The learner will use the correct technique to bowl a ball using vocabulary
words learned
The learner will show fair play and cooperate with others students

Exercise Standards




Materials Needed

Bowling Balls
10 pins for each lane
Score sheets


Explain to the students that they will be using a two-step approach to bowling
today. They will be stepping then throwing. There will be a piece of tape on
the floor from where they should stand and throw the ball from.
After showing the students the tape on the floor, you will demonstrate the
correct way for them to hold the ball. Show them where each finger goes.
Explain the thumb goes in the larger hole and that the two middle fingers go
in the other hole.
Then demonstrate how to throw the ball. And how if they are left handed they
step with their right foot and the opposite if they are right handed.
Once everyone understands they can begin bowling!

Now explain the score cards. Using a score card that is already marked on
you will show the students how to keep score. Teach them the big box is for
the first number of pins you knock over and the second box is for the amount
of pins knocked over on your second try. If at first you knock them all down
you will mark an X. And if you knock them all down on your second try you
will draw a slash mark / through the little box. But make sure you do not add
the numbers until the end!
Take any questions the students may have as bowling can be confusing the
first time you play! They will take turns throwing the ball and keeping score.
Each person will have job. One will bowl, one will keep score and the
remaining team members will set up the pins after each time.
Split the class into teams of 3 or more, give them a pencil, score sheets and
assign them to a lane. Tell them to put their names on the score sheet and
send them to an assigned lane.


With 5 minutes remaining of class tell the students it’s time to clean up.
Have the last bowler take their turn and then set the pins up the way they
need to be for the next class. Have the students put the bowling balls
back in the bin, and the score sheets on the desk. They can get a drink
then return to their seats.
Dismiss them to their teacher.

The students will come the next day, you will review all of this with them once again
and they will assessed on their score sheets and if they can throw the ball correctly.

If needed, the use of a bowling aid will be used. The bowling aid is used when
a student is unable to bowl with his or her own strength.