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United Greek Council

University of Washington

General Meeting
April 21, 2016
Hub 238
7:05 PM

Call to Order: 7:05pm
Approval of Agenda
Executive Board of Director Updates
a. Director of Secretarial Affairs
i. Chapter rosters:
1. It is a new quarter and as usual
please turn in your updated chapter rosters.
2. Deadline: Today
3. Houses who submitted so far: paphi,
pni, syz, slb, lta, lphie, slg,
ii. Calendar updates
1. New events discussed in this
meeting will be added to the calendar.
b. Director of Events and Programming
i. Participation
1. Please bring AT LEAST ¼ of your
house to these upcoming social events. They are really fun and
hope to see more participation :)
ii. End of year banquet
1. Theme: “Go for the Gold”
2. Thursday, June 2, Location Hub
250, 7 PM
3. Attire: Semi-formal
4. Catered food
5. Will be handing out chapter awards,
scholarship, and recognizing graduating seniors
6. Scheduled agenda:
7:00 - Introduction
7:05 - Food
7:40 - UGC video
7:50 - Awards & scholarship announcement
8:00 - Recognition of new members & graduating seniors
8:15 - Introduction of outgoing/incoming executive board
8:25 - Incoming president speech
8:30 - UGC photo
c. Director of Social Media & Communications

i. Like us on Facebook to keep up with events on
opportunities in the community
ii. Minutes:
1. If you can’t make it to a meeting,
please email UGC your house updates and I’ll add them to the
2. Minutes are sent out through email
after meetings.
iii. Participation Point
1. 1st Place) Sigma Psi Zeta
2. 2nd Place) Lambda Theta Alpha &
Chi Sigma Alpha
3. You guys will get discounts on house
4. Let me know if you want to see the
point logistics
iv. Sign in sheet going around
v. Greek Video Campaign w/ Panhell & IFC
1. I’ll update you guys on this when I
get more info; however recording is done.
vi. Senior & New Member Info
1. An email was sent out asking each
house to email back the names of their graduating seniors and
new members from this academic school year.
2. They will be acknowledged at the
3. Deadline: May 19th - Thursday
vii. EOYB Video
1. Video clip of each house of their
highlights of their year
2. I’ll be contacted each house
viii. UGC Feedback Form:
2. Let us know how we’re doing! :)
d. Director of Public Relations
i. Director of Public Relations
1. There will be no service this quarter.
2. Relay for Life
a. UGC tent
e. Director of Finance and Budgeting
i. Selling otter pops on Red Square during Poly Day
(Friday, April 29)

1. Be on the lookout for FB page
2. It would be nice if UGC reps could
help with fundraiser
ii. Invoices have been sent out to the houses
1. Dues were due Feb. 3rd, we take
cash, check or venmo (@UWUGC)
iii. The participation points, helps you save money.
f. Vice President
i. Academic Night for this Quarter
1. May 11, Wednesday, @ 7-9PM,
2. Free food per usual
3. ¼ house requirement
g. President
i. UGC General Spring Quarter Meetings
1. 7 PM - HUB 238
Thursday, April 21
Thursday, May 5
Thursday, May 19
ii. UGC Executive Board Elections
1. Positions available:
a. President
b. Vice President
c. Director of Finance
and Budgeting
d. Director of Social
Media & Communications
e. Director of Events
and Programming
f. Director of Secretarial
g. Director of Public
2. Elections protocol
Google form sent out: April 29
Responses due: Tuesday, May 17 @ 11:59 PM
Nominees notified: Wednesday, May 18
Accept/reject nomination: Thursday, May 19 @ 11:59 PM
Elections: Wednesday, May 25 @ 6 PM
b. Please dress
business professional if you are a nominee
c. 2 reps from each
house are required to attend in order to qualify for a vote
3. Location: Gowen 201


iii. UGC Scholarship
1. Google form sent out tonight.
2. Deadline: Thursday, May 12 @ 7:00
3. Scholarship towards philanthropic
4. Why their chapter deserves a
scholarship -- overall excellence
5. Will be awarded at the end of year
iv. UGC End of Year Banquet Awards
1. Google form sent out: Thursday,
April 28
Deadline: Thursday, May 12
Outstanding New Member (male and female)
Outstanding Chapter Officer (male and female)
Excellence in Community Service
Excellence in Educational Programming
Excellence in Greek Relations
Excellence in New Member Programming
Excellence in Philanthropic Efforts
Excellence in Public Relations
Excellence in Recruitment Programming
Excellence in Social Programming
Overall Chapter Excellence (sorority and fraternity)
House Updates -- external events, fundraisers, etc.
a. alpha Kappa Delta Phi
i. Anti-Hazing Workshop
1. Date: May 5th - Thursday
2. Location: Savery 136
3. Time: 8pm
ii. Game for a Cure
1. Date: May 6th - Friday 6 pm
2. Location: TBD
3. Free to the public
iii. Installs
1. Date: June 3rd - Friday 7 pm
2. Location: TBD
b. Chi Sigma Alpha
i. End of the Year Banquet
1. May 28th
ii. Installs
1. April 30th
2. Location: TBD
iii. Music For Life

1. Andrew Garcia
2. May 13th, 6:30pm, probs the hub
3. Tickets TBD
c. Delta Lambda Phi
i. No updates
d. Gamma Alpha Omega
i. Absent
e. Lambda Phi Epsilon
i. Installs
f. Lambda Theta Alpha
i. Absent
g. Omega Delta Phi
i. Unity Day

Date: May 14th
Location: McCormick & Schmick's’
External presentations: 9pm

May 5th
Cinco De Mayo
Selling Paletas & Tacos
a. Mexican Ice cream
4. Be on the lookout for a facebook

h. Pi Alpha Phi
i. Installs
1. Date: May 14th - Saturday
2. Time: 5-10pm
3. Location: Maggiano's’ Bellevue

Pi Nu Iota

i. Founding Week
1. May 16th to 20th
2. Tabling soon
j. Sigma Beta Rho
i. Absent
k. Sigma Lambda Beta
i. UW Stroll Comp (registration now open)
1. Date: May 28th
a. $10 for UW student,
$12 for general and $20 at door
i. Tabling
soon, hit them up
b. Contact Memo if you
want to participate!
2. $500 scholarship applications
available from any brother of SLB. Open to any first year students
at UW including transfers.
a. Due April 25th
l. Sigma Lambda Gamma
i. UW Stroll Comp



1. If you want to participate, tomorrow
is the last day for early bird registration
2. $10 for UW student, $12 for general
and $20 at door
ii. Unity day
1. Tres Leches cake and Jarritos
2. Price: TBD
m. Sigma Psi Zeta
i. Installs
1. May 20th
2. Pacific Tower
Committee Meetings
a. Academic
b. Fundraising
c. Social
d. Service
a. Multicultural Greek Leadership Summit
i. Oregon State University
ii. Friday, May 13-Saturday, May 14th
iii. Registration: ~$30
iv. Purpose: working to connect, celebrate, and inspire
vibrant leaders of the culturally-based community.
b. Easy, Quick Cash
i. Start up company that guarantees $15/hr jobs
ii. easy jobs like video game testing, event set
up/takedown, and brand ambassading
c. HUB Awards
i. Award recipients will be recognized at the Spring
Celebration, and receive a plaque with their name displayed permanently
in the HUB.
ii. Awards:
1. HUB Hall of Fame Activities Award
2. Adviser of the Year Award
3. Husky Impact Award
4. Husky Tradition Award
5. Husky Empowerment Award
iii. Deadline: April 22nd - Friday @ 11pm
d. Husky Help & Hope Walk
i. For suicide prevention and awareness
ii. Date: April 30th - Saturday
iii. Time: 10:30am - 1:00pm
iv. Location: UW Intellectual House

Meeting Adjourned: 7:28 PM