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News | Sport Weather Shop Earth Travel Q id | UK | Business | Tech | Selene ne | Entertainment & Arts | Health | World News TWwlcfe US & Canada US Election 2016 US student escorted off plane ‘for speaking Arabic’ 48 minutos ago | US & Canada Mr Maknzoom said he was speaking in Arable with his unde about attending a spec: ‘An Iraqi university student for having a conversation in Arabic. mia says he was escorted off a Southwest Ai Southwest Ai took off. 16s said that Khairuldeen Makhzoomi was removed from a 9 April fight before it Mr Makhzoomi said he was talking to his uncle on the phone about attending a speech by United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, ‘A Southwest employee then escorted him off of the plane. "Iwas very excited about the event, so I called my uncle to tell him about it,” Mr Makhzoomi told the New York Times. ‘Awoman on the plane began staring at him after he used the phrase “inshallah,” meaning "god willing," in the conversation, he said. After an Arabic-speaking Southwest employee escorted him off the plane, he sald "This is what Islamophobia got this country into.” Mr Makhzoomi, who came to the country as an Iraqi refugee and studies at the University of California at Berkeley, was then told he could not get back on the plane. eden cnn