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Law Enforcement Spelling/grammar Test

This test is composed of words commonly used inlaw
enforcement and will test your ability to spell them as well as
use them correctly in a sentence.
1. I attempted to ______________ what transpired.
A. open
B. signalize
C. Ascertain
2. I drove ______ car home because they had been drinking.
A. Thare
B. Their
C. There
3. I went to the caller's _____________ to investigate.
A. Residence
B. Report
C. Statment
4. I talked to three suspects and ___________ going to come in for an interview.
A. Their
B. They're
C. There
5. Upon closer examination, it was evident that someone _______________ a brick at the
A. Through
B. Threw
C. Throw
6. The speeder was _____________ towards the bridge.
A. Traveling
B. Travuling
C. Travling
7. Based on my investigation, physical evidence and witness statements, it was evident that he
was the primary __________ in the fight.
A. intimidation
B. Aggressor
C. driver
8. On this date at _____________ 1500 hours, I responded to a call help.
A. Previously
B. Approximately
C. Despite
9. I noticed the victim was cold to the touch and appeared to be ____________.
A. Discounted
B. Dillusional
C. Deceased

10. A property ____________ was completed for the found property.
A. testament
B. confederation
C. Receipt
11. Because of the strange behavior ___________, the individual was taken into custody
A. Exhibited
B. Parted
C. added
12. After completing the traffic stop, ______________ were made for the unlicensed driver to
get a ride home.
A. beveraged
B. arrangements
C. concluded
13. Since it was a custodial interview, I had to advise him of his rights per ____________.
A. Corpus
B. Telephone
C. Miranda
14. The victim had plenty of _________________ showing a pattern of abuse.
A. Evading
B. Documentation
C. Docturate
15. The crime ___________ is was photographed for future evidence
A. Scene
B. complimentary
C. figuration
16. The vehicle ____________ came to a stop.
A. Picturoraly
B. Abruptly
C. Monsoon
17. Because the suspect used a bat to strike the victim, he was charged with
_________________ battery.
A. Fraudulent
B. Excited
C. Aggravated
18. There was nobody living in the _________ park.
A. Trailer
B. Trailor
C. Traler
19. _________________ of glass were everywhere!
A. Peases
B. Pieces
C. Peaces
20. I believed the suspect to be high on an unknown type of ____________.
A. Narcotic
B. Necromancer
C. Nirvana

21. There were an ____________ number of witnesses.
A. Entknown
B. Abknown
C. Unknown
22. Due to the crime scene being _______________ by the unauthorised personnel, I could
not process the area for latent prints.
A. Conflagrated
B. Contained
C. Contaminated
23. I responded to the park after getting a report of _________activity.
A. Suspicious
B. Superfluous
C. Superstitious
24. The ________________ reported a dog was barking all night.
A. Compilation
B. Complainant
C. Commitment
25. They were _____________ in a street fight.
A. Engaged
B. antiquated
C. effective
26. The male and female reside in the same house as _______________.
A. addhabitants
B. extrahabitants
C. cohabitants
27. He wouldn't allow her to leave, which is why he was arrested for false ______________.
A. Indication
B. Imprisation
C. Imprisonment
28. The defendant was found guilty of ____________ of a firearm by a convicted felon.
A. Potential
B. Posting
C. Possession
29. The above named defendant did commit a _______ act when he flashed his sexual organ
in front of the crowd.
A. Lewd
B. New
C. Lust
30. The defendant did commit the offense Lewd and ______________ Behaviour.
A. Lascivious
B. Lacatious
C. Laudatious

31. If an adult allows a juvenile to drink alcohol in their presence, they are guilty of
Contributing to the ___________ of a Minor.
A. Debauchery
B. Defensive
C. Delinquency
32. I charged the bad guy with Fleeing and _____________ after the pursuit ended.
A. teaching
B. sleeping
C. Eluding
33. Meth mouth refers to someone that has bad teeth due to their abuse of
A. Methamphetamine
B. Menthol
C. Methods
34. There were no ___________ of physical abuse.
A. interests
B. systems
C. Allegations
35. After interviewing everyone I was able to _____________ their statements.
A. Corroborate
B. indicate
C. pretend
36. I had to explain to the victim that the crime did not take place in our ___________ and
they would have to contact the appropriate agency to file a report.
A. Jurisdiction
B. Town hall
C. justification
37. Everyone is entitled to due _______.
A. examination
B. hearing
C. Process