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Tammy Bays
English 1301

Universal Health Care Coverage
Today most people in the United States have some form of health care. Some
Americans choose to shop and purchase their health insurance from the many plans and
providers available on the open market. Many receive their health care through their employer,
in the form of a benefit. There are some that even choose to forego insurance altogether and pay
for their medical care at the time the service rendered. There are also those whose healthcare is
dependent on some type of government assistance program. Lastly, there are some that just
show up to the county emergency room, receive medical treatment and never pay the bill
(Obama care)2016.
The Active Labor Act is in place for medical emergencies. This act requires that
hospitals and ambulance services provide emergency care to anyone regardless of citizenship,
legal status or ability to reimburse them for services. Some who either choose not to purchase or
cannot afford health insurance feel that health coverage should be provided for them. Herein lies
the question, whose job is it to provide coverage for these individuals? Some, feel entitled and
argue it be their right to receive free health care coverage. Many look to the government to pay
their way. However, since the government does not create wealth and typically raises funding
thru taxation, in essence, their fellow citizen, who ironically have taken responsibility for their

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health care, are expected to shoulder this additional financial burden. As American
citizens, who enjoy rights and freedoms many others can only dream of, it must be understood
that with privilege comes responsibility. Providing for the health and welfare of one's self or
family is not the obligation of others ( Obama care)2016.
"Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" is a well-known phrase from the United
States Declaration of Independence. The phrase gives three examples of the "unalienable rights"
which the Declaration says has been given to all human beings by their Creator, and for which
governments are created to protect. The United States of America, to date, has maintained an
environment that allows these rights to flourish and is a land of abundant opportunities where its
citizens are free to participate and take advantage of all this great nation has to offer. However,
the government was never intended or designed to guarantee success or happiness. (Obama care
The people of this land have proven themselves to be very compassionate and generous
thru out history. However, the cost of universal health care appears to be staggering! How much
money will the universal health care program add to the national debt? The United States
already spends more on health care than any other United Nation member. It also spends a
greater fraction of its national budget on health care than Canada, Germany, France, or Japan.
Individuals who choose not to work, don’t contribute to the gross domestic product and in many
cases are not paying any income taxes should not be making demands, on their productive fellow
citizens. Especially demands that threaten to cripple the economy. There are already programs in
place that provide assistance to those who find themselves in need. (Obama Care) 2016

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Today's insurance companies are for-profit businesses and penalize individuals who are
not taking care of themselves and fail to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Often, before granting a
policy, the company may require an individual to have labs drawn to verify the perspective
client's general health and to search for pre-existing conditions. Some insurers require people to
either refrain from smoking for the period to be covered or may opt not cover smokers at all.
Coverage may be denied due to “bad” personal choices that adversely affect one's health. These
options can lead to BMI being out of the index or an elevated cholesterol level. Many times
increased cholesterol levels are attributed to lifestyle choices but can also be hereditary. How
would an insurance prove which is the case? Alternatively, would the insurance company just
deny the person in question coverage? Most insurance companies today allow labs redrawn after
a given period to check for any significant changes in readings. These practices allow the
insurance company to manage its losses which in turn enable it to stay in business and show a
profit, and is not only good for shareholders. Managing their risk aids the company in controlling
costs to the consumer, allowing them to remain competitive in the marketplace (Obama
Currently, in the United States, we precipitate in a capitalistic system in regards to health
insurance companies. This system allows companies to compete for clients, offering various
pricing and benefit packages to sell their product. In many cases, this system has benefitted the
pharmaceutical consumer as well. Medication that used to be very expensive is not as expensive
today due to competition.( Obama care 2016).
A portion of our health care system that the government has taken control of is Medicare.
This system has been reducing to covering next to nothing. Medicare was developed in 1960 and
has not gone through any important type of revision plan. Most people understand that the

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program suffers from major flaws. Individuals, who use Medicare, often have trouble with
testing and screening services performed promptly. Partially due to bureaucratic management of
a program they are not knowledgeable.Doctors should make medical decisions, not politicians.
Medicare at this point appears to be a failed system. It is worth noting money is deducted from
most paychecks every pay period to keep this program afloat. So, where is the money had been
taken from working individuals paychecks? Who knows at this point exactly how and where this
money spent. Given the government's track record, it is very doubtful that they are up to the task
of managing the nation's health care (Obama care 2016)
Universal healthcare does have some potential advantages. For instance; If one was able
to seek medical attention at the first sign of a possible major medical issue could money be saved
and health improved by early detection? Possibly so. Screening is the first line of defense
against prevention of diseases. However, unfortunately, not everyone utilizes this opportunity.
Many individuals, who struggle with the cost of health care, wait until their medical
condition has worsened, to the point it can no longer be ignored, before seeking medical
attention. It is possible a Universal Healthcare program could make us a healthier nation.
Patients would have increased opportunity for early screening which in fact would lead to early
detection of diseases. Also having a Universal Health Care program could assist with children
receiving their immunizations and well baby checks as suggested by the Doctor. Preventative
programs such as annual checkups and screenings such as colonoscopies, mammograms, prostate
exams, vaccinations, and cancer screening would all provide on a yearly basis without any copays. The results of such a proactive system could be very beneficial. This early screening
program would allow individuals to stay healthier and in turn avoid going to the doctors office as
often since many of these procedures care to accomplished at the clinic level. Also having a

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prescription drug program to assist people with getting medications for free or at a reduced rate
is a necessary component due to those, mainly elderly, living on a fixed income. Also, part of the
insurance program should be an agenda for those who have received a diagnosed with a terminal
illness. Family involvement in end of life decision-making and outreach programs should be
available not only older adults but another family member as well. This insurance would
extremely benefit someone who has a terminal child and has exhausted their financial resources.
(Obama care 2016).
Most Americans would be for a system that will benefit the people, reduce costs and
improve the quality of healthcare. However, the majority US citizens are not for universal
healthcare or Obama Care as it currently implemented. The government serves its citizens best
when it gets out of the way of American ingenuity.

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