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To Whom It May Concern:

I have had the opportunity to teach, mentor and work with Shane Montemayor over the
past year and it has been exciting to see his talent and progression as an interpreter and so
it is with pleasure that I write to you to recommend Shane as an individual who is worthy
of a scholarship.
Shane recently applied for and was accepted as a first year student in the Interpreter
Training Program at SLCC, after having recently received notice that he had passed the
Utah Novice interpreting exam. Shane could just go to work as an interpreter and skip
the ITP but he realizes that there is more to interpreting than just signing and wants to be
a true professional and gain the education that goes with it. I applaud him for his
decision and our goal within the Program is to now help him attain his Utah Professional
and ultimately NIC certification.
Shane enjoys the Deaf community and spends a great deal of time in it. He is also a very
good student with strong English skills. However, what I am most impressed with is his
humility and desire to improve and be the best interpreter he can be. This is refreshing to
see when so many just want to quickly certify and make money and could care less about
being a true professional.
I am confident that Shane will demonstrate excellence during his time in the ITP as he
pursues sustaniable certification and the improvement and refinement of his interpreting
skills. It is my strong recommendation that you select Shane as scholarship recipient, as
you will not be disappointed.

Connie Spanton-Jex, M.S., RID CI/CT

Salt Lake Community College
ASL/Interpreting Program Coordinator