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Lesson Plan

Grade/Subject: Grade 3 Music Unit: Musical Instruments
30 minutes
Teacher: Mrs.Fekete

Lesson Duration:

Lesson date: March 15, 16, and 17, 2016


Insights into music through meaningful activities.


Recognize the instruments of the four families of the orchestra:
string, woodwind, brass, percussion.
Musical instruments produce tone colour by being blown,
bowed, plucked, strummed, struck, scraped or shaken


Students will record how to play percussion instruments.
Students will experiment with percussion instruments.
Students will


Various percussion instruments.
Percussion book

(8 minutes)

(18 minutes)

Good Afternoon Grade 3’s
How do I expect you to come into the
Where will I ask you to put your instruments
when we play them?
Should you be talking if I am talking?
Hats and toys should be put by the door.
We will do they cookie game (maybe clap
the rhythm)
Last class we talked about percussion
instruments. How can percussion
instruments be played?
Activity 1(7 min)
-Last class I had asked you to go stand
beside an instrument and say how you
thought it would be played. Today I have a
booklet for you to fill in. Each page has a
blank spot for the name of the instrument
and 3 questions. The first question asks you
how to play the instrument. You will circle
the correct answer. The second question


Are they able to
recall how
percussion can
be played?

The percussion

asks if the instrument is a pitched
instrument. What am I asking? (
The last question asks if there is any other
way to play the instrument. For example, if
it is a tambourine you can hit it, or shake it.
-There are 6 stations set up. I will divide you
into groups to go to the stations. You may
work together, but everyone needs to fill
out their own book. You will have 1 minute
at each station so work quickly. I will let you
know when to change stations.
-I am going to hand out the books and
pencil to everyone and I want you to put
your name on the book before we make the
-Make the groups and send them to their
first station.
-During the last station go around and show
the group the proper way to play their
Activity 2(6 min)
Can one person from each group bring me
everyone’s booklet.
Last class we watched Stomp use plungers,
their feet and water to make music. Did
everyone play the same rhythm? Today we
are going to put together a piece using
different rhythms. Each group is going to
make up a rhythm using the instruments
that are at the station where you are,
except for the group at the piano, and I will
come talk to you in a moment. I have
shown most groups how to play their
instruments, if I have not please wait till I
get to your group before you being to play
the instruments. An example of a rhythm
you can do is ta ta ti-ti ta.
-Does anyone have any questions about
what we are doing?
-you will have 5 minutes to make your
-Start working on your rhythm.
Activity 3 (5 min)
-Everyone bring your instruments to the

Are they able to
make a rhythm?

How does it

- we are going to put all the rhythms
together, but first each group will present
their rhythm to the class.
-we will begin with one group and slowly
add in the other groups and then we will
slowly remove groups so that we end with
one group.

Sponge Activity

Watch the percussion instrument video or
some more Stomp

(4 minutes)

Today we were able to play percussion
What are some of the different types of
Next class we will look at the winds