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Conditions for Voucher Program Beneficiaries (VPB) (Department Order no. 46, s. 2015) ‘A. Continued Participation AVP sal continue tobe aparbpant ofthe S1S VP ey ae promote one next grade eel andi enrle n 2 Non-DepEd SHS Provider, No mata grades requred ora VPa to cantue opartepate nie Sis VP APS shal be isquaifld irom futher paipton inthe SHS VP for any othe felling reasons {© PB crops outin te midle one Schoo! Year, (© eB does ot een e foto Seoo Yea, (© VPb is etaned h me sane grade ev (© PB transfers to anos Senior High School Proview the School Yea. (© PB transfers to Dep Senior High Schoo Provide. 8. VPB Transfers B, VPB Transfers \VPas a nol akowe rans fo cher Seni: igh School win he Scio! Yea Ita VPR decides otras aoter Non DepEd SHS Power ar he Scho Yea, ‘ne ves may contnue to partcpaen ne SHS VP ne accecng Non DepEd SHS Provide. Transfering VPs are requteao submit ne oloeng docirens oe aceping Ho Depa 5 Prove © Gade 1 Report Card (© Cercte of Good No Charter (© cere ot Release of vusne Program Genetary (Forat vata ite SHS Vs) “Tearserng from one voucher lcatono athe alloned Honore he voce ancunt oe receed byte YPR inthe accepng schol shale he voucher aroun ote atcetna schoo o he voucher amount Tom he leas school whenever over Pease se tole 2b deals on voucher tts an outer acu. VPS rans shal be repoed by buh the retasng ttoo and acceping schoo nthe SS VS ©. Track and Strand Shifting Ps ae alowed lo tio anier rack or sand unde he folowing stent: (© tere 1st semester of Gras 1 (winn te sane seo) (© tor ease 1 utehern te same seal oro anes sehoat sym pcpnteuspapieaintcacrnn wy yam woe ‘VPBS are alowed fo shift another track or strand under the folowing scenarios (fer he tt Semester of Grae (tine sare soa) (0 Aer Grade tt faeterin be same school orto notes schoo) Tosuccessly sito one Yat and stand toa ln Det SHS Prove hal sarl te VPB mee equ compe he ack and stand fey ae sifing a. Schoo reir opt th HS Vth VP tha si ack ant sands D, VPS Leavers ‘VPBs that passed Grade 11 nu didnot enrol for Grade 12 the succeeding Sctoo! Year are considered leavers. Leavers are disqualified ftom futher participation inthe SHS ‘VP unless the reason for leaving school is due to heat reasons and provide further thatthe period of medical leave isnot more han one 1) Schoo! Year Leavers due fo. rial esos iy conta parte mth 8 VP hve i at requreta soit medical eel sie oy ac ens mada cco | have fly read and are wt th condos sor Qualified Voucer Program Benafisaris and that| submited my documents to PEAC on or before 18 February 206, “opi © PEAC Onn ute Agplcaton Pot 205,