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LaDarius Doaks


Annotated Bibliography

Herold, Benjamin “Technology in Education: An Overview” Education Week (Feb. 5, 2016)

The author of this article is Benjamin Herold. He is a reporter covering educational
technology for Education. In this article he basically talks about the pros and cons of
technology in education. He touches on things like money and how things would be paid
for, parental concerns, and how the students would react. This will be the opposing side
in my paper.

Kessler, Sarah “8 Ways Technology Is Improving Education” (Nov. 22, 2010) Website.

The author of this article is Sarah Kessler. She is a reporter for the website Mashable.
Kessler did an interview with Don Knezek who is the CEO of the International Society
for Technology in Education. In this interview, he talks more about how the U.S. actually
incorporates technology in education rather than why we need it. He lists many onlinebased educational websites that are used in schools all over the U.S. and the different
improvements they have in comparison to education without technology.

Mackey, Katherine and Horn, Michael “Florida Virtual School” Innosight: Innovation
Consulting Firm (October 2009). Education Case Study.

Katherine Mackey is the research fellow for this case study and Michael Horn was the
executive director. This was established in 1997 to serve high school students completely
online. This was a trial and error process and they were focused on building an education
option for students whose needs were not being met. Including this in my paper will give
insight to an actual learning community completely online and is very different because
this is actually technology and education in full effect.

National Education Technology “Future Ready Learning” Office of Educational Technology
(2016). Book.

The Office of Educational Technology are the corporation that created this book. The
book is a plan on how they are going to help the growth of technology in education. This
is going to aid me in showing how serious people are bringing technology into education
in my paper and the ways they are doing it.

Wadhwa, Vivek “Here’s How We Can Reinvent the Classroom for the Digital Age” Huffington
(2015) Website.

The author of this article is Vivek Wadhwa. He is an Academic Researcher, Writer, and
Entrepreneur. He compared his experience in school to the experience students now and
talks about how we are in the “digital tutor” age. I think he has a personal approach to the
subject at hand because he constantly refers to back what it was like when he was in
school. This will be used as an example for one of the reasons how technology is making
an impact on education.