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LaDarius Doaks

Professor Reed
Composition I
Fall 2015

Informational Report

According to the U.S. Census in 2014, the population of America is 318.9 million total. 35% of
that total are homeless people. 40% of homeless Americans identify as a part of the LGBT
(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) community. 68% of them were kicked out due their
sexual orientation and/or gender identity. The LGBT youth are homeless for multiple reasons
such as family religion, abuse happening to them due to their lifestyle, and running away. The
Second National Incidence Study of Missing Abducted, Runaway and Throwaway Children
determined that 1.7 million LGBT youth experienced at least one episode of homelessness each

Recently, the LGBT have just been granted the right to marry, meaning same sex marriage is
legal all over the country now. The grass is not always greener on the other side. The rate of
homeless homosexuals and gender identifiers keeps quietly growing. To determine the accurate
amount is difficult to calculate. LGBT youth are often afraid to enter into regular services or
shelters or they don’t know and don’t have the information for the LGBT friendly ones built for
them, making the count difficult to come up with.

LGBT homelessness is a big issue because of the age range. LGBT youth are coming out
younger in today’s modern world. In 2008, it was surveyed that the “come out” age was 18-22.
Due to the openness in the world today the youth are comfortable talking about this subject with
their parents so much younger. This is not necessarily a good thing. With a LGBT youth being
that young the rebellion factor will be higher. If not, then the depression will. Either way, the
chances of the youth living a regular life after they come out is slim to none. The parents don’t
sometimes agree. This type of rejection leads the youth to desperate measures for attention and

Parents abandon their LGBT youth every day. “God didn’t want it to be this way” is a common
response in a religious household when a child comes out. Religious parents usually kick out
their child due to shame, anger, and confusion. In Boise, Idaho, Jackie is a lesbian college
student. She found the perfect girl for her and she decided to come out to her mother. She was
ready to take things serious with her significant other. She called her mother and told her. Her
mother’s response was: “I don’t know what we could have done for God to have given us a fag
as a child”. Then she hung up. Tragic.

LGBT homelessness is important. The initial cause of them being out of home is because of their
sexual orientation and/or identity. This certain population of homelessness is focused more on
because it can be stopped. Keeping LGBT youth who were thrown out on the street in a stable
service or shelter will decrease the rate of homelessness in America. LGBT youth are all
throughout the foster care system. With the issues of homophobia and heterosexism, it’s not safe

in a lot of places for members of the LGBT community.

New York has the highest percentage of homeless LGBT youth. The ages range from 12 to 17
years. That is not including gender identifiers. Washington is next in line followed by California,
Illinois, Colorado, Minnesota, and Kansas. Along the coasts, both East and West, the LGBT
youth are more accepted. These places have greater legal protection and programs to better the
LGBT homeless community.