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This artifact displays my ability to reflect on my skills and work I put
into planning, creating, and implementing my activities. It
demonstrates my skills to effectively judge and criticize my work and
self as a professional.

This artifact shows my work towards the NAEYC Standard Six,
Becoming a Professional because I am reflecting based off of how the
children reacted and interacted to the activity that I created and

I learned how necessary it is to reflect back on yourself as a
professional and that it is not only your behavior you should look at but
also your work, thoughts, communication style, and any aspect that
directly or indirectly affects the children in your care.

November 13, 2015
Social Studies APW Reflection
What did the children learn?
The children learned about how to work together as a team and to
respect each other’s choice and thoughts. They also learned what a swarm
is, a group of bugs that stay together. They also took turns putting their bug
on the tree one and sometimes two at a time!
How did the learning experience engage the children?
Having the children make their own bug in order to place it on the tree
with their other classmates was a highlight of the activity, it was nice to each
go up to the tree one to two at a time. Once all the bugs were placed on the
tree, it looked like a swarm of bugs on the tree.
What worked well?
Each child designing their own personal bug and having them place it
on the tree was an awesome part of the activity that the children seemed to
really enjoy or be interested in. Using the bug templates also helped
tremendously for the age group involved in the activity.
What would you do differently?
I would definitely practice out the scenario more than I did. I felt
extremely nervous during this implementation. The voting was not a good
process since most kids wanted to use more than one material to create their
bug. I think next time I will just set out the different materials at different
tables, then I will ask the kids to stand up in out of all of these materials the
one you want to use is “this one” and then send them to that table. I would
continue until all children were at a table and five to ten minutes later I
would ask “markers/crayons” table children would like to rotate to the
“paint/glitter/glue” table and continue to allow students to rotate.
List possible activities that would extend or give practice to the
Participating in a community service act as a class, Show and Tell,
Playing games that teach turn taking, and playing by the rules, Family day
(share all about your family).