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Ww West Virginia University. COLLEGE OF EDUCATION AND HUMAN SERVICES April 8, 2016 ‘To Whom It May Concern: It is a pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Bethany Bealko because she has been an outstanding student in our counseling program and | know she will be an exceptional school counselor. | had Bethany as a student in three classes—in each one she stood out as one of the most hard working, committed students with talent that was noticeably better than most of the other students. Many times I have asked Bethany to help with a student recruitment situation and with clients of mine that | thought her input would help. The Faculty thought so, much of her that we asked her serve on our search committee for a new faculty member and also to serve as an interviewer during our admissions process. Even though Bethany’s counseling skills and commitment stand out, what is most outstanding is Bethany’ very pleasant, warm personality. She is a very kind, caring person who is very well liked by her cohort and the counseling faculty. Bethany works well with others as part of a group or team and she also works very well by herself. | feel she can hit the ground running in her first counseling job because she worked so hard while doing her work here. Bethany is a winner and will be a very good addition to a school. Please contact me if you would like me to elaborate more on Bethany as a person or as a counselor. Yours truly, BP \aateo Ed Jacoés/PhD Coordinator DEPARTMENT OF COUNSELING, REHABILITATION COUNSELING AND COUNSELING PSYCHOLOGY PO Box 6122] 602on Hal Morgantown, WW 26508-6122 htp/ (204.208.3807 904.253.4082 can Opp con tion