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Eating Out Assignment/Healthy Food Availability Report

College students tend to eat out a lot for convenience. By becoming an educated
consumer and making wise meal choices when dining out, you can enjoy a healthful diet
and still eat out occasionally.
Follow the instructions below to complete the Eating Out assignment:

Go to your favorite restaurant and order what you usually order.
Record everything you consume including drinks, food, condiments, dressings,
Obtain the restaurant’s brochure that gives the nutritional breakdown of the foods
on their menu or access the restaurant’s nutrition information online. Please be
sure to select a restaurant that provides its own nutrition information.
Look at the restaurant’s nutritional information and complete the following for your
entire meal.


What restaurant did you choose? _Cafe Rio_______________________________


Record all of your food and beverage items from your restaurant meal and the
corresponding amounts here:


2 Salmon Tacos, salmon, lettuce, cilantro, pico de gallo, cilantro lime
Rice and Beans, 16 oz. water


Total calories consumed _____705cal________________________


List your estimated calorie intake (page 45, Figure 2-3)

How does your estimated caloric intake compare with the calories you consumed in
one meal? What do you think about this?
I ate 34% of my calorie intake in one meal. That is pretty disturbing. I need to make sure
that I do my restaurant homework and choose healthier options when I go out to eat.


List the grams of fat and the calories from fat _26g_234 cal from fat_______


Calculate percent of meal from fat (calories from fat divided by total calories times
100). Refer to pages 15-16 in your textbook. _____33%_____________________


How did your fat intake compare to the recommended daily intake of 20 to 30
percent? How does the grams of fat from you meal compare with an average fat
intake recommendation of 47-70 grams/day? What do you think about this?

16.5% of my daily intake was consumed in this one meal. 37%-55% of my
recommended average daily fat intake was consumed in this meal. This was slightly
shocking. I would have to eat very healthy for the rest of the day to not surpass the
recommended daily intake.


Fiber content ___________12g______________


How did your fiber intake compare with your AI for fiber (females-25g, males-38g)?
How difficult would it be to get your AI for fiber if you ate out for every meal?

46% of my AI for fiber was consumed in this meal. I’m pleased with the amount of
fiber, but not surprised as I ate beans which are very full of fiber. It might be difficult to
get my AI for fiber if I wasn’t eating at a Mexican food restaurant. Many restaurants do
not serve foods with high fiber.


Sodium consumed _______785mg_________________


The Adequate Intake (AI) for sodium for adults under the age of 51 is 1500
milligrams (this is reduced by 100 to 200 milligrams for older adults). How does your
sodium intake for this meal compare to the AI for sodium? How difficult will it be to
stay below the AI for the rest of the day?

I consumed 52% of my adequate intake for sodium in this meal. This is unwelcome
news. I’m quite sure I passed my AI throught the rest of the day. There is often so much
sodium in restaurant food. If we ate out for every meal, it’d be very difficult to stay below

the AI.


If you consumed a regular soft drink, milkshake, coffee, latte, etc., indicate serving
size in ounces (include refills). Determine how many grams of sugar your drink
contained. Then convert grams to teaspoons (there are 5 grams in a teaspoon).
Record how many teaspoons of sugar your drink contained.


Based on the number of teaspoons of sugar in your beverage, what did you think
about the amount of sugar you consumed?

I usually try to choose water instead of sodas or other drinks to keep my sugar intake in


Indicate the cost of your meal _______$10.21_________________


Then estimate how much money you spend eating out each month. Take into
account coffees, sodas, convenience stores, food courts, restaurants, etc. (If you
are married or have a family, calculate the cost for all those you’d pay for as well.)
________probably somewhere in the ballpark of $150______________________


Once you have a monthly total, calculate the cost for an entire year of eating out.


Discuss how expensive it is for you (and your family, if applicable) to eat out each
year. What do you think about the amount of money you’re spending to eat out each
year? How much money would you save if you cut the number of times you eat out
during the year in half?

I spend about 5% of my monthly income on eating out at restaurants and at coffee
shops or convenience stores. This is actually better than I thought it would be. I really
take joy in grabbing a coffee or a meal at a restaurant, and I am okay with working a
little more to enjoy these little indulgances. If I were to cut my eating out in half, I would
spend only $900 per year.


Look at the restaurant’s nutritional information again, and create a healthier meal
from the same menu. (You should try to reduce calories, fat, sodium, etc. and/or try
to increase the fiber, but you don’t have to do all of these.) Be sure that you select
enough food that it would still satisfy your hunger. It should be at least 20-40%
of the amount of calories you listed for #4. List that meal here:

After looking at my nutritional information, I realized that I can eat the same meal, but
make it MUCH healthier without adding dressing or rice.
2 salmon tacos: salmon, lettuce, pico, cilantro
black beans, water


Total calories in revised meal plan ________405cal____________________


Grams of fat and calories from fat in revised meal plan _____9.5g_85.5cal _______


Calculate percent of revised meal from fat (calories from fat divided by total calories
times 100). Refer to page 15 in your textbook. ______20.9%___________


Fiber content in revised meal plan ______10g________________


Sodium in revised meal plan ________280mg_____________

What was the easiest revision to create a healthier meal? What was the hardest
revision to make?
It is easy for me to remove the rice, which added 380 mg of sodium! However, it’d be
hard to eat café rio tacos without the dressing. Not eating the dressing saves 170
calories and 14g of fat, and 125mg of sodium, so it is by far the best thing to remove
from the meal.


What part of this assignment was most significant to you and why?

I was astonished to see how much sodium was in the meal I ate. I really should be more
aware of my sodium intake, especially when eating at restaurants. This assignment
helped me to become more aware of my sodium intake.

List below one grocery store, one convenience store, one “quick” sit-down
restaurant, and one sit-down restaurant that are close to your home. What are the
healthiest food choices at each of these locations?
Whole Foods – salad bar, because then you can control what goes into your food
Maverik – naked juice, apples, string cheese, hard boiled eggs
Noodles and Company – The med salad with chicken
Chili’s - guiltless grill Asian salad

What are some healthier stores/restaurants that you would like to see in your
neighborhood? Why?
Harmons- They have a nutritionist on staff that you can consult with. They rate all of
their food options and know what meals/items will be the healthiest choice to make.
I really love the restaurant, Sage’s, and wish it was closer to me. I don’t eat
meat(besides fish), and Sage’s is a vegan restaurant. It’d be nice to go to a place that
uses local seasonal foods and that has many non meat options.