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“is West Virginia University. (COLLEGE OF EDUCATION AND HUMAN SERVICES: April 18, 2016 Dear Hiring Professional: Itis with great enthusiasm that I write this letter of support for my advisee, Bethany Bealko, inher efforts to secure a school counseling position within your school system. Ms. Bealko is working towards successful completion of all requirements for an MA in School Counseling. She is currently completing her final semester which includes field experiences in both elementary and middle school settings. | also supervised Bethany’s practicum experience in the fall of 2015 which took place in a high school setting. Ms. Bealko is an extremely hard working student who is passionate about working with children and adolescents in a school setting. Ms. Bealko exceled in all her coursework, completed work with diligent attention to detail and is a leader among her peers. During the course of her internship, Bethany will examine school data to evaluate the effectiveness of her school counseling program initiatives. This is just one example of her commitment to implementing effective school counseling programming. | have found Bethany to be extremely bright and knowledgeable about how public schools function and how students can benefit from a professional school counselor to advocate for them. I have come to appreciate Bethany's professionalism and understanding of the field of school counseling so much that I have twice during her last year asked her to participate in initiatives that our program was undertaking, First, l asked her to serve as a member of a search committee to help our department find and hire a new school counseling professor. Bethany participated in candidate interviews, made herself available to participate in early morning breakfasts and helped rate candidates as potential WVU faculty. Additionally, she assisted in our program's interviews of new applicants to help the program identify appropriate students for our fall 2016 co-hort. Bethany interviewed 9 candidates and then helped faculty rate and identify students who she felt would make good school counselors. Bethany’s input in both projects was invaluable and we benefitted greatly from her participation. Finally, Bethany is well versed in counscling theory and has wonderful counseling skills. The students in her placements seem to love her and she is able to successfully use her counseling skills to help students gain insight into their behaviors. She has a heart of gold and will most certainly make a great colleague. Thighly recommend Bethany Bealko for any position you may have open. Bethany will make a wonderful addition to your faculty and staff and will work tirelessly to create a positive school climate and culture within your school system. Should you have further ‘questions regarding Ms. Bealko’s readiness to perform the duties of a professional school counselor or would like to discuss her training, please do not hesitate to contact me. Gel tefl) cute cam Christine J. Schimmel, Ed.D, NCC, LPC School Counseling Coordinator DEPARTMENT OF COUNSELING, REHABILITATION COUNSELING AND COUNSELING PSYCHOLOGY POBox 6122 602 Aten Hal hip: counseling wu ods Morganton, WY 26506-6122 Equal Opporuntyaimaive Action Inston 804.293.3807 904-298-4082