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Gianna Pasceri

45 Wilfred Street # 14A ♦ West Orange, NJ 07052
201.774.7208 ♦

National Board Certification December 2013
M.A. Reading Specialist May 2009
New Jersey City University, Jersey City, NJ
Summa Cum Laude
Reading Specialist Standard Certificate April 2009
New Jersey City University, Jersey City, NJ
Standard K-8 Elementary Certificate June 2005
Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ
B.A English Education May 2004
Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ
Kappa Delta Pi, Monmouth University Chapter, Vice President
English Language Arts Teacher Coach (3-5), September 2013 - Present
Orange Public Schools, Orange, NJ
Adjunct Instructor, August-December 2014
Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ
English Language Arts Master Teacher (K-7), September 2012 - 2013
Orange Public Schools, Orange, NJ
3rd Grade Language Arts Teacher, September 2010 - 2012
Forest Street School, Orange, NJ
3rd and 4th Grade Language Arts Teacher, September 2009-2010
Forest Street School, Orange School District
3rd Grade Teacher, September 2008-2009
Forest Street School, Orange School District
2nd Grade Teacher, September 2004-2008
Forest Street School, Orange School District
 2009 – 2010 Governor's Teacher of the Year Award (Forest Street School)
 2005 – 2006 Teacher of the Year Award (Orange School District)
Gianna Pasceri

 Completed National Board Certification process in English Language Arts
 Completed Take One! National Board Certification process
 Participated in Critical Friends Professional Learning Community
 Instructed undergraduate course: Assessments in Inclusive and Special Education Classrooms
 Provided professional development in English Language Arts for teachers in grades K – 7, including
coaching sessions, extending content area knowledge in the area of literacy, and planning with
 Developed an overview of the first 2 weeks in launching Reader's and Writer's Workshop
 Planned and implemented lesson plans
 Implemented Lucy Calkins Units of Study for Teaching Writing grades 3-5
 Developed learning objectives
 Developed curriculum guides
 Aligned curriculum to PARCC modules
 Administered DRA2 and Running Records and analyzed results
 Implemented differentiated instruction
 Utilized learning centers
 Planned and provided intervention sessions
 Trained in using Google and Chromebooks in the classroom
 Attended EdTech Team New Jersey Summit Featuring Google for Education
 Coordinated District Wide Publishing Party
 Coordinated Family Literacy Nights
 Coordinated and Facilitated District Wide Portfolio Slice
 Coordinated and Facilitated district wide collegial visitations
 Created Summer Literacy Calendars grades K-5
 Created and maintained student portfolios
 Analyzed Model Curriculum, Journeys, Study Island, and Learnia benchmark assessments
 Collected and analyzed data and report results to administration and teachers to inform and improve
 Prepared action plans and next steps after analyzing various forms of data
 Assisted in the collection and use of school needs assessment and evaluation data.
 After School Academic Academy Language Arts instructor Grade 3 and 7
 Participated in Language Arts district learning community with Belinda Morrissey
 Participated in Classroom Organization Management Program (COMP) certification training
 Participated in Common Core Professional Learning Community
 Modeled, co-taught, and planned lessons with teachers addressing the Common Core Standards.
 Provided feedback and follow-up coaching to teachers related to student engagement, curriculum
alignment, and rigor of instruction
 Created district wide benchmark assessments grades 3-5
 Coordinated and facilitated school based Instructional Rounds focused on accountable talk and student
 Assisted in developing and implementing school improvement strategies that support student learning.
 Assisted teachers with planning, sequencing, and scaffolding of instruction.
 Developed strategies that support teachers in managing large/small group instruction and co-teaching.
 Common Core Committee member
 NJ ASK test coordinator
Gianna Pasceri

Developed and facilitated Language Arts portion of the NJASK Results Parent Town Hall Meeting &
Information Session
Forest Street School Gifted and Talented Committee
Assisted with interviewing process for Grades K – 7 (general education, content specific, and specialty
teaching positions)
Facilitated Grade Level Meetings
Provided professional development for colleagues in the area of Language Arts
 Modeling of lessons
 Designed and facilitated English Language Arts professional development during staff
meetings and district wide meetings
Analyzed student data and NJASK scores and presented results
Participated in Instructional Rounds
Assisted teachers with the planning, sequencing, and scaffolding of Language Arts instruction
School Management Team Data Analysis chair and secretary
Served on School Wide Data Team and Professional Development Committee
Created Monthly Common Planning Time Schedule
Contributed to the development of the Unified Plan
Served on district report card committee
Designed gifted and talented projects for K-3

 Implementing Reader's Workshop
 Research-Decide-Teach Conferring Model
 Administering and Analyzing Running Records
 Launching Reader's and Writer's Workshop
 Organizing a Classroom Library
 Preparing for the PARCC
 Close Reading Grades 3-12
 What Does Reader's Workshop Look Like? (principals and administrators)
 Using Literature Circles
 Using Text Dependent Questions Grades 3-5
 Introduction to Writer’s Workshop for student interns
 Implementing the Writer's Workshop Model
 Implementing the Lucy Calkins Units of Study for Teaching Writing grades 3-5
 Embedded Grammar Instruction within the Writer's Workshop
 A Parent’s Guide to the New Jersey ASK
 Terra Nova and NJ ASK Assessment Data Review Parent Meeting
 Effective Literacy Strategies
 Writer's Workshop Grades 2-5
 Guided Reading Grades K-5
 Implementing the Common Core Standards in English Language Arts Grades 3-5 and 6-7
 Unpacking the Student Leaning Objectives of the Model Curriculum
 Vocabulary Tiers
 Creating A 3-Part Objective
 Administering and Analyzing Running Records
 Available Upon Request
Gianna Pasceri