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Nodaway County Humane Society
829 S Depot St.
Maryville, MO 64468

Dear Maryville Resident,
You have a unique opportunity to become a “Humane Society Hero”. The Humane Society
is in need of your help. Recently, the local community had to cut the Humane Societies
funding by 50% to lower annual tax revenues. This extreme reduction in funding will cut
the Humane Societies annual budget in half, forcing the shelter to fall under Missouri
state standards. The Humane Society serves 750 to 800 animals a year, and is concerned
about not having the necessary funds to support these animals. The Nodaway County
Humane Society prides itself on having a low-kill facility that finds homes for
approximately one-third of its animals; but this is all in jeopardy due to this drastic
change in funding.
The loving and adorable animals of the humane society need your help in order to keep
their shelter, stay fed, and be taken care of. You can be a “Humane Society Hero” by
donating a low payment of $50 per month. This donation can be automatically deducted
or put on a credit card. This donation will provide the humane society with the adequate
funding to remain open and ensure that our animals are living in a happy and safe
environment. Below are the benefits that you will receive by becoming a “Humane
Society Hero”:

Self-satisfaction that you are helping animals in need
Free human society membership
Recognition at the shelter
Special invitations to social events
Hero lapel pin to show others that you have supported the cause
This monetary donation can also be a tax deduction at the end of the year

Many of your fellow community members have already committed to this monthly
donation and they are waiting for you to join them. This is your opportunity to give back
to the community and ensure that our furry friends stay happy and healthy. Animals like
Mr. Snuggles (pictured bottom left) are just waiting for your love and support. Mr.
Snuggles would like for you to notify the Humane Society by March 18 th at 5pm if you are
willing to support the humane society.
Whatever your decision, just know that the animals of the Humane Society want you to
be their Hero.

[Cty, ST ZIP Code]
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Sami Cintron, Jessica Feltner
Humane Society Directors