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Essential Dispositions for Educators Essay
The first of the essential dispositions is commitment to the professional practice and for
this area I would rate myself a three. I have a strong commitment to create lessons that presents
the common core curriculum to my all students using a variety of approaches in order to try
reach all students. I am consistently gearing my teaching towards the standards for mathematical
practices to develop independent critically thinking problem solvers. Where possible, I also
incorporate the principles universal design for learning into my lessons. Everyday I reflect on
the success of the lessons. I build on what went well and try to determine why certain lessons or
aspect of a lesson did not go well. I am reflecting on both the content attainment and the
effectiveness of the approach. I am very committed to being prepared everyday but readily
modify my plans for the next day based on the success of the daily lessons. Now, while working
in the area of special education I am equally committed in my dedication in this area. I am
highly professional when working with students with IEPs and their parents. I am conscientious
to respect the privacy afforded them.
For the next essential disposition of caring for the success and well-being of all students I
also believe I rate a three. I entered the profession of a teacher as a career changer because my
goal was to hopefully make a difference in the lives of the students that I teach. I think it is
apparent to all my students that I care about their progress academically but as equally important
I care about their development as young adults. I try to develop a rapport with my students
celebrating their successes inside and out side the classroom while also trying to hold them
accountable for their less desirable behaviors. I make it a point to try to find out what my
students are interested in outside of the classroom and talk to them about it or where possible
incorporate their interests into our real world examples. Our school community has a very

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diverse population, ethnically and economically. Some of our students have a life outside of
school that is very difficult. It has been very important for me to understand this as their teacher
and hopefully mentor.
The last essential disposition is collaboration and I would rate myself a three in this are
too. As a career changer, this is an area I was well trained in from my prior job as a consulting
actuary. My experience in private industry necessitated collaboration. It has not been difficult
for me to bring these traits to my teaching profession. I collaborate regularly with other eighth
grade teachers regarding the successes and struggles of specific students. I plan with other math
teachers and our Math Instructional Support Teacher in order to consistently be improving our
lesson plans. I have a good relationship with our guidance counselor and collaborate with her a
great deal to determine what is in the best interest of our students. As the eighth grade
Instructional Team leader, I also am part of the leadership team for the school, interacting with
many areas of the school. As a co-teacher of students with special needs I collaborate daily with
my co-teachers. With my one co-teachers we quickly debrief most days immediately after each
class. This immediate sharing of ideas is has proved to be invaluable benefiting the teaching
relationship and the students alike. Lastly, collaboration with the parents of my students is
important, especially my student with special needs. I believe I instill a respectful, team
approach when working with parents for the best interest of their childrens development.