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Source of Evidence: Lesson Plan

Students 3rd

Matthew Hackler
Number of
Students in
Class 25

Date of Observation: 04/17/16

Number of
having IEP 1

Number of
Students 2

Number of
having ELL 1

Lesson Title: Aboriginal Bark Painting

1. Learning Target(s)/Objectives (1C)
List the lesson learning target(s)/objective(s) [connect each target/objective to the appropriate state curriculum/content area
Students will create an accurate contour line drawing and painting through the production of Aboriginal art
Students will draw connections between the work they are producing and the historical context of the project
Students will also gain insight into one of the most interesting and beautiful cultures in the eastern hemisphere
2. Pre-assessment (1F)
Describe the pre-assessment(s) used to establish students baseline knowledge and skills for this lesson.
Show the students examples of Aboriginal bark paintings from Australia. Aboriginal art almost always starts with an animal
drawing. Then artist would paint and draw inside and around the animal as if it were viewed with X-ray vision.
Ask questions such as Why do you think that the colors red, black, white, and yellow were almost exclusively used in
Aboriginal paintings
3. Formative Assessment (1F)
Describe and include the formative assessment(s) to be used to measure student progress during this lesson.
This assignment will serve as an exploratory project to spark excitement in other cultures art. Students will be graded on
completion of the project and how well they used contour line throughout the artwork.

4. Resources (1D)
Identify the resources including appropriate technology needed for the lesson.
Brown construction paper
Pencil erasers
Sharpie markers and construction paper crayons
Example pictures of animals
Red, black, white, and yellow tempera paint
5. Lesson Procedures (1E)
Describe the sequence in which the differentiated strategies/activities and/or assessments will be used to engage your
students and facilitate attainment of the lesson objective(s) and promote higher order thinking.
Perform the pre-assessment introduction to the lesson by giving an overview and asking critical thinking questions
Pass out the supplies needed for the project
Tear the brown piece of construction paper. Carefully tear away all of the straight edges away while keeping the
paper as big as possible
Students will draw the outer contour lines of the animal of their choice. Draw in x-ray insides and outline the whole
piece in sharpie marker.
Outline the drawing with multiple layers of tempera paint applied by using the tip of a pencil eraser
Hang in the hallway after the class has finished the project

6. Watch For------Identify anything that you would like specifically observed during this lesson.
At this age, most children probably do not know what the inside of animals look like. It will be interesting to see what
objects are drawn inside the chosen animal as the students try to draw in terms of X-ray vision