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Name: Falen Johnson Grade Level: 3rd Grade Date: 2/4/16 Group Size: Learning Center

/Game (2-4)

Subject/Lesson Topic: Fractions

Objectives: (TLW:)
Students will be able to identify a fractions value after seeing a picture.
3.NF.A1 Understand a fraction 1/b as the quantity formed by 1 part when a whole is
partitioned into b equal parts; understand a fraction a/b as the quantity formed by a parts
of size 1/b.
Contextual Factors:

Mayfair is a laboratory school that engages in team teaching.

There are 28 students in our classroom.

In our classroom there are several students who have different needs, behavior
wise, academically and developmentally.

Pre-assessment discoveries.

Teacher Materials/Resources:
Previously prepared fraction flash cards with pictorial fractions on one side and
numerical fractions on the other.
Student Materials/Resources:
Premade fraction flash cards
Scratch paper
Technology Integration:
Not applicable for this lesson
Family/Community Connection or Extension:
A set of fraction cards and directions for playing the game will be sent home with the
child to practice at home with parents.
Not applicable for this assessment.
Lesson Procedure and Activities:

Directions will be available to students at the learning center for them to read as they
select a game.
Students will go through the flashcards and pull cards (either a numerical or
pictorial depiction)
Depending on which card they pull (pictorial or numerical) they will
draw/write the opposite version on scratch paper.
Students will keep tally of how many they get correct and put aside ones that
they do not get right. The ones that arent correct will be reviewed again when
the deck empties.
Whoever has the most tallies when the deck is emptied wins.
When the game ends students will count their tallies and determine who the winner is.
They will then go through the pile of cards that they did not answer correctly and
attempt to answer them again. As mentioned the game and directions will be sent
home to work with at home.
There are three levels of card sets. They are differentiated by easy, medium hard and
extra hard levels. Students are encouraged to start at medium and work up to hard and
extra hard. The easy cards are available for students who are struggling and the hard and
extra hard classes are available to students who need to be challenged
Formative Assessment/Evaluation:
Students will record their score after each game. Scores will be used to help determine
which students have het the standard.