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Tiara Boyce


I feel as if my dream job is to be a psychotherapist to all ages and types of people. Meaning they could
be recovering addicts, ex-prison mates, or those who just need help with emotional things. I want to
work with an organization that profits and helps these people (American Psychological Association,
2016). Psychotherapists help people of all ages live happier, and healthier lives. We help people work
through problems in different types of correctional methods. Psychotherapists build relationships with
the patient to help. The required education to become a therapist typically demands a masters degree
in psychology and must complete a post-graduate internship (Cherry, 2016). These masters and doctoral
degrees require the student to do a two-year supervised internship at a certified clinic (Cherry, 2016).
Having these degrees will help me because I need to be certified to help patients. If I dont know what
Im supposed to do or prescribe to the patient. For a psychotherapist anywhere the requirements are
the same. Doing the post-graduate internship will help me improve my skills. I will be able to attend
conferences, lectures, and organized meetings at universities (Psychotherapist, n.d.). At Nichols College
Im taking many psychology classes that include; Child Psych, Psych, Deviance (sociology), but they tie
into each other. As I progress and start to get closer to my graduation, Ill take way more classes as
needed. Just to become a Psychologist you need the basic classes and more. Usually you need a
Bachelor of Science or a Behavior of Arts in psychology (Schreiber, 2014).
The average salary for a psychotherapist is about 72,800 per year (Psychotherapist Salary And Job
Description , n.d.). I would make on average 35/hour. On average assuming I get paid 1400 a week, Ill
put money aside, maybe in savings. Ill buy my house and everything I want. With my 1400 a week ill set
aside bill money, just so Im not behind on rent. Overall, I think I will be set with this job.

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