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Research into Market

I have carried out research into the market and decided that there is a space for
my documentary on Channel 4 because there have been many programmes on
the topic of body image in the past that have been very successful, but nothing
of recent. These programmes include the film Picture Me in 2009 which received
quite high ratings was aired in cinemas, however, this was in cinemas rather
than television, so there might be a gap in the market for a television
programme on a similar issue.
The documentary Body Image in 2008 had quite a lot of views and was quite
popular on television, despite being criticised for being exaggerated. My
documentary will be more realistic on peoples experiences with the issue so Im
not worried about being criticised on television. Due to this having bad reviews, I
think there is space in the market for something similar but better than this one.
My production will be unique because unlike Body Image mine will talk to
professionals about their opinion and speak to more than just one person about
their experience so is a more realistic view of the issue. It will be different to
others because I will shoot it from the students perspective to show a reality of
whether the influence of media is good or bad overall.