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my job is particularly busy and chaotic, nothing short confusing, but allowed me to cope

with various problems and difficulties that made me grow fast and gain quickly the
necessary experience to manage properly the orders and workload extremely high. the
difficulties encountered in these days due to the resignation of two of my colleagues,
added to the pressure load resulting from the upcoming orders of these days have
resulted in a reduction of the company and to a company more confidence in me.
be in someone's hands

in the period spent within the team H2politO I realized how the collaboration between
colleagues is essential and is the main focus of what then is at the basis of the definition
of team.
I spent about three months in a laboratory at Dora in turin.
right now the name eludes me but. ah here is it is called hysilab. this company is not very
big; It is the largest supplier of hydrogen area of Turin.
inside are carried out many research projects related to the production and storage of