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Internal Test (Final)

Time 1 hr.


(Answer any 6 questions. All questions carry equal marks. )

Weightage is given for neatness .
1. a) Give basic principles of ship construction in regulating
the spread of fire onboard.
b) What are the requirements for an A-60 Class division
2. a) Name different types of fire detectors fitted on board a
ship and give their principle of operation.
b) Explain with a simple sketch working of a Infra Red
flame detector
3. Sketch and describe working of a portable foam type fire
extinguisher .How does the foam extinguish the fire
4. Explain the care and maintenance given to DCP
portable extinguisher. To what pressure the outer
container is tested during periodical maintenance?
5. As per SOLAS requirements give the fire fighting
equipments provided in I.C. Engine room of a large
cargo ship.

6. a) With reference to fire hoses and nozzles ,explain the

i) What are the material used for making the fire
ii) State the dimensions of the fire hoses-length and
iii) How will you secure the fire hose after use
iv) How many hoses are required outside engine room
of a large ship?
v) Name the type of Fire nozzle used in engine room
of a ship.
7. Explain working of an automatic sprinkler system
used in passenger ship.
What is the colour code of the quartz bulb used to
operate at 80 degree Centigrade.