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Republic of the Philippines Department of Health OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY June 5, 2015 DEPARTMENT MEMORANDUM No. 2015 -_0\74 TO: ALL__UNDERSECRETARIES, ASSISTANT _SECRETARIES: DIRECTORS OF BUREAUS, SERVICES AND _ SPECIALTY HOSPITALS; CHIEFS OF MEDICAL __CENTERS _AND HOSPITALS, PRESIDENT OF THE PHIL. HEALTH INSURANCE CORPORATION AND EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS OF THE PHIL. NATIONAL AIDS COUNCIL, PHIL. INSTITUTE __OF TRADITIONAL AND ALTERNATIVE HEALTH __ CARE, NATIONAL NUTRITION COUNCIL, COMMISSION __ON POPULATION, TREATMENT __AND__ REHABILITATION CENTERS, AND OTHERS CONCERNED SUBJECT: Reiteration of Compliance to the Policy on Informed Choice and ‘Voluntarism in Delivery of Family Planning Services ‘Administrative Order No, 2011-0005 entitled “Guidelines on Ensuring Quality Standards in the Delivery of Family Planning Program and Services Through Compliance to Informed Choice and Voluntarism” was issued on June 23, 2011 to reiterate observance, compliance, and adherence to the prescribed principles on informed choice and voluntarism at all health facilities providing family planning (FP) services. The Order aims to provide universal access to quality information and services to men and women whenever and wherever needed and enable them to make informed choice and voluntary decision to use modern FP method best suited to his/her needs. This policy on informed choice and voluntarism was institutionalized by Republic Act 10354 otherwise known as the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012 (RH Law). ‘The said Administrative Order prescribed the installation of a functional ICV compliance ‘monitoring and reporting system at all levels of the health care — from the DOH Central Office to the Regional Offices to the Provincial/City Health Offices - to ensure ICV compliance at the city/municipal level health service delivery facilities. Compliance monitoring results shall be consolidated and reported to appropriate levels quarterly while monitoring results indicating possible non-compliance shall be immediately reported to the Regional ICV Compliance Com ‘Building 1, San Lazaro Compound, Rizal Avenve, Sta Cruz, 1003 Manila» Trunk Line 651-7800 Direct Line: 711-9501 Fax: 743-1820, 743-786 © URL: hp. doh go ph; e-mail: sssi@doh.g0v 98 Administrative Order No. 2012-0009 dated June 27, 2012 entitled “National Strategy Towards Reducing Unmet Need for Modern Family Planning as a Means to Achieving MDGs on Maternal Health” provides that the reduction of unmet need for modern FP shall be anchored informed choice and voluntarism, among others. To ensure that all activities and interventions planned and implemented to reduce unmet need for modern FP subscribe and adhere to the principles of informed choice and voluntarism Department Memorandum No. 2012-0299 was issued on October 18, 2012 requiring all Regional Directors to submit a status report on the implementation of AO no. 2011-0005. Pursuant to the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the RH Law and AO 2011-0005, the Director of Disease Prevention and Control Bureau is hereby directed to constitute and make functional the National ICV Compliance Committee. The DPCB-Women and Men’s Health Division shall act as secretariat and repository of the quarterly ICV compliance monitoring reports from the Regional Offices. All Directors of DOH Regional Offices are directed to constitute Regional ICV Compliance Committees, Regional Validation Committee, and Provincial/City ICV monitoring teams. For strict compliance. JANETTE LORETO GARIN, MD, MBA-H ry of Health