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WP repurices te Pitpins + PHILIPPINE HEALTH INSURANCE CORPORATION ob 4 Citystate Centre, 709 Shaw Boulevard, Pasig City _ call Center (02) 441 (02) 441-7444 k& . ‘wanw philhealh gov. PHILHEALTH CIRCULAR NO.438_- 2015 To : PHILHEALTH ACCREDITED HEALTH CARE INSTITUTIONS (HCI) AND PROFESSIONALS, PHILHEALTH MEMBERS, PHILHEALTH REGIONAL OFFICES and BRANCHES, LOCAL HEALTH INSURANCE OFFICES AND CENTRAL OFFICE AND ALL OTHERS CONCERNED SUBJECT: PHILHEALTH SUBDERMAL CONTRACEPTIVE IMPLANT PACKAGE To increase access to long acting reversible family planning methods, PhilFfealth shall have a benefit package for subdermal implant use for contraception. 1. GENERAL RULES 1. The PhilFfealth Subdermal Contraceptive Implant Package shall be paid at Php 3,000 per case. p The standards and procedures of care shall be according to The Philippine Clinical Standards ‘Manual on Family Planning 2014 Edition. 3. The package shall cover the following: ‘2. Consultation and counseling prior to the procedure b. Performance of the procedure including professional fee and use of the facility . Medicine and supplies including the contraceptive implant d. Follow-up and counseling after the procedure 4, The Package may be availed of as an out-patient or in-patient service in hospitals and non- hospital facilities with the same case rate. 5. Only subdesmal contraceptive implants that are included in the Philippine National Formulary shall be used for this Package. 6. Health care providers. shall have competence in subdermal contraceptive implant techniques and training from Department of Health’s (DOH) recognized trainers. 7. Hence, accredited health care providers who want to provide this Package will be required only to submit a Certificate of Tmining on Subdermal Implant Insertion and Removal signed by |DOHs Regional Director of his/her representative. is package can be provided by the following accredited providers : a, Accredited health cate institutions: i. Hospitals Primary Cate Pacility (Infitmary/Dispensary) Ambulatory surgical clinics iv. Birthing homes/lying-in clinics MASTER b. Accredited health care professionals i. Physicians fi Midwives oo Page 1 of 3 5 g “9, The Package shall be paid to the facility. U1.” BENEFIT AVAILMENT AND CLAIMS FILING 4. The package code FP 001 shall be assigned to PhilHealth Subdermal Contraceptive Implant Package with the following description and allocation: ‘Health Care Pee Description Case Rate | Professional Fee | Institution Fee Tavecioa implantable subdesmal implanable subdem Php 1,200.00 | Php 3,800.00 FR ODL consenting | PAP 5000.00 | eer os Case Ra) | (OM of Case Rat) e 2. Only benefits availed from accredited and trained providers shall be reimbursed. 3. The Package may only be availed of once every 730 days. Claims made less than the said time interval shall be denied. 4, PhilHlealth members and theie dependents are eligible to avail of this Package according to the status and validity of their membership. a. Members under the Indigent Program, Sponsored Program, Overseas Filipino Program, and iGroup Program are entitled to avail of the Package within their membership validity period. b. The benefit entitlement of the following members shall be subject to the three months within six months (/6) qualifying contributions as provided under Phillealth Circular No. 32, s. 2014: i. Members in the Formal Economy, except Kasambahays ii, Members in the Informal Economy, specifically Informal Sector ‘Members and Self Earning Individuals; and ii iGroup Members whose validity period have already expired Im accordance with PhilHealth Circular 016-2015, the benefit entitlement of Kasambahays and their dependents starts from the time of enrollment and payment of premium contributions and will remain valid as along as premium contributions are regulasly paid. a. PhilHealth Benefit Eligibiliyy Form (PBEF) OR any of the following as proof of aligibiliy: * Member Data Record (MDR); Proof of premium payment (for individually paying and overseas ‘workers _ members); © PhilHealth ID cards (or indigent, sponsored and lifetime members); Phitcalth Cicoar _ 201: Pifeh Subdermal Contaeptve Implant Package Page? of werwfacebook.comPhiltteath, YQ gj + Me: secondary documents as enumerated ial PBEK and Cizcuas 50, s- sot 2012 and PC 01, s-2013 in cases when PBEF is not available. b. PhilHealth Claim Fosm 1 (CF1) duly filled out by the member and/or employer in case PBEF fails to confirm patient eligibility. It shall no longer be required if PBEF confirmed (answered “Yes”) the eligibility of patient. ¢. PhilHealth Claim Form 2 (CF2) duly filled out by health care provider. Instructions were provided in Annex 1 of this Circular. 7. The reimbursement claim shall be filed within 60 days after the procedure (or date of discharge for in-patient). Claims filed afterwards shall be denied. 8 Claims with incomplete documents or entries and those performed by providers who have not yet submitted their cettificates of training shall be denied. Claims with discrepancies in the claim forms shall be returned to facility. 9. No Balance Billing Policy shall apply to the following PhilHealth members and their dependents who availed of the Package in birthing homes and ambulatory surgical clinics: Indigent Members Sponsored Members including Senior Citizens ‘Kasambahays Lifetime Members aoe i. MONITORING AND EVALUATION To ensure provision of quality health services to PhilHealth members and theit dependents, monitoring of utilization of benefits and performance of providers shall be anchored on the Health Care Provider Performance Assessment System of the Corpotation. ‘Health care institutions shall maintain copies of patient’s records with complete documentation of history, physical examination, services provided, drugs and medicines given and procedures performed; and operative technique/record. ‘These documents shall be made available for PhilHealth monitoring all times. IV. EFFECTIVITY ‘This Cizcular shall take effect on January 1, 2016. All other existing issuances and provisions of previous issuances inconsistent with this circular are hereby repealed and/or amended. ‘Phil feah Ciculae_ 2015: Phlealth Subdeemal Contraceptive Implant Package Page 3.0f3 Ramer 2 Ss i . be egepphilheai ‘ — Ya(E wwwyoutube.comMteamphilhealth gd. actionceater’, vacate sash