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Table 12:

RAKWC B Ed EPR Practicum 3b: MCT/MST Assessment Report

EPR Student Assessment Criteria:
This report is to be completed by the Mentoring School Teacher in
consultation with the Mentoring College Teacher and refers to teaching
competencies in the High School.

Date: 02/11/2015
Name of Student: Mouza Salem
Garnel Desravins

Name of MST:
Name of MCT:

Please add specific comments about the student teachers observed strengths
during this teaching practicum and identify areas in which you feel further
development is necessary.
Observed Strengths:

Areas in which further development is needed:

Very creative with the KWL. Students had a

very creative board for them to discuss and
write what the already know about life cycle.
I like the idea of using very nice and soft
music while the students were sharing their
The classroom is very conducive to learning
and it showed the students are cared for.
You were very poised and confident

Arrive to school earlier, it is a professional responsibility

Engagement activities must be more descriptive in the
lesson. All
questions must be listed in very grea
detail For example,the KWL activities should have bee
explained in the engagement section
of the lesson
The explore section of the lesson plan must be an
activity. Students must be given an opportunity to
explore the concept of the lesson.
After the
engagement which should take approximately 5 minute
students should transition to a group of activity for abou
15 minutes
while the teacher is walking around
facilitating the lesson.
An interactive video can be used as an explore as lon
as each
group has their own video which
specific instructions. All materials
used in the
lesson must be listed in the lesson plan.
Students spent the entire class focusing on the
teacher. There
werent enough time for them
to take charge of their own learning.
Students centered classroom is the 21st century way.

General Comments: You had a very engagement. You were able to activate students prior knowledge
The amount of time spent on the teacher explaining life cycle was overwhelmed. As a result, the lesson
became a teacher centered lesson and you must transition to a student centered classroom.
The topic of the lesson did not match the actual lesson observed. According to your lesson plan, students
would be developing models and the lesson observed did not reflect it.
Students activities started a little too late They started working on their activity at 8:49AM and
Topic: From Molecules to Organism.
Your lesson did not match the title of the lesson.