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Mentor College Teacher Assessment Report B.

Ed Teaching Practice
Semester 1

Name of Student:Mouza
Name of School:Al Nakheel
MCT:Ebtesam Al Zahmi
Mentor College Teacher Ebtesam Al Zahmi
Chair, Education

Andrew Johnston


May 6, 2015

Student Teacher


A Professionalism and Understanding

You seemed to try to continuously show commitment to the teaching profession and personal growth as a teacher
and learner.

You seemed to display professional behavior, which includes punctuality, personal organization and presentation

You need to show more initiative, enthusiasm, active participation and engagement in the classroom and at the
school as well.

From my observation and from your MST feedback you need to work on working collaboratively and
cooperatively with MST, in a sensitive and effective manner.

B Planning for Learning

Your lesson was presented in a clear, professional way.

You seemed to develop materials showing recent approaches to teaching

It was obvious that you tried to make your lesson, student-centered focus as you tried to limit teacher talk and give
students more engaging activities.

You have prepped activities for variety of interaction patterns like group work, individual interaction patterns, to
facilitate learning.

You aimed at preparing structured activities aimed at teaching math concept of fractions, and you had enough
activities for all students.

You need to make an effort to have differentiated activities across a range of abilities, to help students reach their

Your MST have shared with me how you need to plan your activities and lessons collaboratively with her and with
her consultation that can help you develop and grow as a professional teacher.

Your activities and your lesson in general was appropriate to the students level, I liked how you made the effort to
make the activities engaging.

You had some clear aims for your lesson and clear objectives, and you have presented them on the board and made
them visual to learners.

So much of the class time was wasted for you to prepare the materials and set up for your lesson;(15 minutes) you
couldve done this sooner while you had the first session free. Students were sitting quietly and looked board. You
couldve at least gave them something to read or an activity to do or even a discussion within their groups.

C Implementing and Managing Learning

Language and delivery

Your language was appropriate to students level.

You used a variety of effective teaching/learning techniques

You seemed to use a suitable amount of effective questioning and elicitation techniques when appropriate.

You Maintained target language focus throughout the lesson.

You transitions from one activity to another were appropriate.

You need to work more on giving clear instructions to orchestrate classroom activities.

You made an effort to manage to have a group work and individual work tasks appropriately. But still try to have
your lessons more students centered interaction and minimize the teacher talk.

You might want to work on providing clear and effective models/demonstrations of classroom tasks.

When you asked one student to answer you need to give her the time to answer because she had the right
definition and concept, but you interrupted her and ignored her and rather chose another students. This will
demotivate the learner in your lesson.

What was the point of having almost all of the class standing g at the board during the game and only few were at
their seats. And you only ended up picking three to do the activity while the rest did nothing.

I didnt get the concept of the game it wasnt clear for me neither the students and students have pointed out that
it is wrong. Make sure that you go through your activities with your MST before giving them to the students.

Try to focus on your sentence and question formation and your use of proper English n general.

Classroom management

You used resources and equipment appropriately to engage all students (e.g. board, ICT, realia, displays,

You tried to use appropriate strategies to encourage and maintain active student participation.

You need to work on managing and planning effectively for your class time.

You managed to have an appropriate use of positive reinforcement to manage student behavior.

Communication skills

You seemed to have a good rapport through interaction with students while maintaining a professional teaching

You have used some appropriate body language, eye contact, gestures and voice to maintain an effective
classroom presence.

You have created a positive and active learning environment in the classroom

D Monitoring and Assessment of Learning

You seemed to provide some appropriate feedback to children to enhance learning and encourage co-operative

Try to be involved with your MST in making records to recognize the level to which each learner is achieving

Use more of different kinds of assessments appropriately for different purposes to assess learners achievements.

Try to assesse how well learning objectives were achieved, since you had them visually appeared on the board you
might asked the students a questions of each and then cross the objective that has been met.

Keep an eye on the time so when it is almost towards the end of the session, stop any long activity and rather check
their understanding for the lesson.

E Reflection

You have made a good effort to reflectupon own practice.

You managed to work on the reflections from the last observation, which shows improvement.

You used my comments form the last observation to improve your future performance.

You might want to demonstrate ability to discuss students development with me and your MST.

General Comments
Overall, it was an appropriate lesson that seemed to benefit the students knowledge overall and revision of previous
knowledge. For future lessons, work on some of the comments of improvements mentioned above. But overall, a nice
lesson, keep up the good work and work harder. ^_^