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Lost Circulation Material


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Product Data Sheet

STEELSEAL is a resilient, angular, dual-composition carbon-based material that allows tightly packed
particles under compression in pores and fractures to expand or contract without being dislodged or
collapsed due to changes in differential pressures. STEELSEAL, a lost circulation additive for synthetic
and oil-based drilling fluids, is utilized to stop losses in porous and fractured formations. STEELSEAL
is also effective in water-based fluids as a lost circulation additive and solid lubricant for torque and drag
Seal porous and fractured formations
Impart lubricity to water-based fluids
Reduce torque and drag


Designed for loss circulation prevention in synthetic and water-based drilling fluids.
Increased fracture propagation pressures of test samples exposed to oil-based and synthetic-based
Exhibits a resiliency that allows it to deform to fracture size.
Concentrations up to 100 lb/bbl (300 kg/m) have been added without plugging drilling equipment or
adversely affecting rheological properties.


Specific gravity
Particle size, (% < 40 mesh)
Particle size, (% > 200 mesh)



Black angular material


1. As a background concentration for seepage and lost circulation control, 15-25 lb/bbl (40-70 kg/m)
2. LCM pill for spotting over thief zones or on bottom prior to trips, 50-100 lb/bbl (140-300 kg/m)
3. For lubricity in water-based fluids, 3-10 lb/bbl (10-30 kg/m)
STEELSEAL is packaged in 50 lb (22.7 kg) sacks.

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