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Work instruction of tubular Stranding machine

Understand job order

Check the condition of machines all safety devices are in proper position
Set up the machine according to information described in job order
Take care of tension of wires while set up
Select proper size of die based on production order
Adjust the machine on required lay length ( gear arrangements )
Review spool size and availablity
Run the machine and measure the diameter of core
Take 1 meter sample to QA for resistance check if beyond acceptable re
adjust tension controller and lay length
The measured resistance is acceptable run the machine while re arranging
take up transverse condition
Record all parameters on process monitoring form or remark book ( lay
length , diameter , speed and current rating ), final out put meter, input
materials etc.

Work instructions of Assembly machines

Check the condition of all safety devices ( brakes ,emergency stop and alarm
system ) functioning properly or not
Understand the job order
Set up the machine according to information described in job order
Select die based on the job order requirement
Set up fillers based on their respective sizes
Adjust non woven fabric tension and check the condition of over lap
Adjust lay length and determine machine max running speed
Do proper welding works if any joint comes
Adjust take up transversing and tension
Select proper drum size based on the order quantity