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Peer Observation

Observers Name _Ashley Runyon______

Date 3/24/16 _

Classroom being Observed ___Jennifer Erikson_____

Time _1:20_

Instructional Segment ___Third Grade TAG__

Classroom environment: (How is it welcoming or inviting? How student-centered is the room?)

Classroom environment was very inviting, especially for all grade levels served
Very student centered with student work for the unit displayed
Students are leaders and are able to work independently as well as with partners
Very inspiring, students were actively engaged and praised for certain work--relatable
Students were eager to share their work with the teacher and were proud of what they did

Effective Instructional/Assessment Strategies (evidence of formative assessment to drive


Teacher conferring with each studentwalking around during whole group as well as in
individual instruction
Students working on same project, but self-paced and expectations were clear
After task was checked, students moved onto the next using what they already applied in
other units
Compare/contrast, facts/questioning, problem-solving
On Wall
o Posters for creative thinking, research on people with Energy, compare and
contrast for energyall boards are relatable to the Unit
o Learning is evident!

Academically Challenging?

Creative Problem-solving lessonanswering and solving abstract questions that have not
been answeredreal world application based off of prior knowledge
Teacher questioning promoted abstract thinking and high standards Is that
satisfactory? Could you answer that using what you know?..Is that a silly question in
relation to what youve learned?..Did you notice the article was informational AND
persuasive? What was essential from this article? There are more problems beyond what is
writtenreading between the lines. Add details and elaborate.

Ideas I can apply in my classroom:

Confer with each student during work

Expect creativity and fact-finding from articles when applicable
Working at own pace and work on fluencyideas flowing
Allow kids to have more choice in materials for projects
Use examples that are relatable to the content being taught with real-world experiences to
deepen understanding
Clear criteria charts to communicate high expectationschecking in every step of the


Thanks for allowing me to see how a TAG classroom works!

Is setting up these types of lessons (CPS) challenging at the beginning of each unit or does
is get easier as the year progresses?

How effective is having TAG once a week and how hard of a transition was this?
Do you mostly use Fulton County units or write your own?
Evidence of personalized learning

Flexible pacing
Just in time instruction
Choice and Voice
Coplanning Learning
Varied Strategies
Mastery-based assessment
Choice for demonstrating learning