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Question 4

By Tom Shankland

Who is our audience?

Our audience was people aged 16+ as

these were the people who had first viewed

are film once we had finished it.
Who is our target audience?
Our target audience is males aged from 1625 as this is the age group that goes to
watch horror films the most out of any age

Mood Board
This is our typical target audience member

as he is within the 16-25 age limit. These

are the typical things a male aged 16-25
would have for example they are most
likely to shop at places like JD and listen to
rap music because it is the stereotype for
them to do so. All of these images
represent our typical target audience
through what they have in their daily lives.


Feedback From Target

Matthew- there wasn't a big enough variety

of camera angles in the film so it did reduce

the amount of interest I had when watching
Leo- the way the music went with the rest of

the film really helped build suspense as well

as keep me interested when I was watching
the film.
With the negative comment we received

about our variety of camera angles we could