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Valerie Grosso

Philosophy of Education

My intentions as an educator are to make children become capable students, and grow to
be people with strong character. Although an excellent education will help prepare a student
succeed throughout their academic years, I feel that it is the person with genuine character who
will further succeed throughout life. Implementing rules of good character will be first and
foremost with my class. I will make it very clear, that any put downs such as bullying, will not
be tolerated at all. I will create many activities that will encourage and foster good character, and
help students learn more about each other. It is important to me that every student in my
classroom is comfortable enough to be their own person.
Every student deserves an education in which they can be confident in asking questions.
I aspire to make certain that every student I am given the opportunity to teach ,will receive an
education where they will be comfortable enough to make mistakes, and learn from them. I am
fully aware that learning does not come easy or at the same pace to every student. I would
therefore be willing to give the time and patience required for each and every student to learn.
Extra help will be available to any student at their own time, either before of after class. My
classroom will always be made available for any questions or concerns. My role as an educator
requires me to make sure that my students will be ready to succeed, and I am completely ready to
take on this responsibility.
Although understanding the curriculum is essential, students should receive an education
that will positively motivate them to achieve goals, and enhance their curiosity. One of my
greatest influences as an educator is Taylor Mali. In addition to being an educator, Taylor has
written many poems. One poem in particular that had an impact on me was What Teachers
Make, explaining how teachers motivating students is worth more than any pay check. Positive

energy will be quite evident in my classroom throughout my years of teaching. I will strive to
create an atmosphere that encourages peer support because I believe it is imperative to work as a
team. I will encourage each and every student to be supportive of each other. My students will be
expected to work their hardest at every task, and will be inspired under positive energy.
Motivation sayings, such as I believe in you and You can do it, will be evident in my
Parent/guardian involvement will be encouraged inside and outside of my classroom. It
is possible that most parents or guardians are not aware of, or are unsure how to help their child
following the Common Core Curriculum. To resolve this, I plan to be in contact with each of my
students parents/guardians to help them understanding the curriculum through my class website.
I will strongly recommend that parents/guardians help their children at home with homework,
and studying if necessary. The relationship between a parents/guardian and the student is much
different from a relationship between a teacher and the student because students tend to feel more
comfortable making mistakes with their parent/guardian.
I plan to be in constant interaction with my fellow teachers, making sure that our
curriculum is up to date. When collaborating once a week with other teachers in my school, we
will discuss the lessons being taught that week and how we can engage our students. We will also
discuss different techniques to help accommodate students of different learning abilities. Field
trips for the grade will also be a topic of discussion, deciding which places will be both
educational and fun.
Diversity will be a priority in my classroom. Awareness and respect of all cultures, and
experiences will be recognized to create an environment that fits each students needs. Close
attention will be made to be sure that my lessons are fitting for a diverse cultured crowd. I will

encourage input from the students to share traditions as I think it is important for all children to
be exposed to and respect all cultures.
Emphasizing good character building, comprehension skills, positive motivation, and
parent involvement, will be my ultimate goals. The combination of these components will
ensure a solid foundation as my students progress through their academic career.