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SCS/lm 8 @ WAR DEPARTMENT The Adjutant General's Office Washington AG 314.73 December 12, 1942. oB-1 organization History. Chief, Historical Section, Aruy War College. 1. Report is mde of the redesignation of the.Zi7th Engineer Ratlvay Operating Battalion «s the 747th Railway Operating Bettelion, T.C. ser AG SHO.7 (11-25-42) OB-T-S9-W dated December 1, 1942. The tO8ta Engineer Re. Battalion, Consunications Zone, ¥as constituted as an Organized Reserve un't and allotted to the Eighth Service Consand by Table "E", Tables of Troozs pertaining to Appendix G-3, EDGU?, sublished in July, 192.; organized May, | 1924; Engineer Rat leay | Bat, plan Pecest gr: ute. bogineer Battal (het Operating) ie ee 1933. The COSth Lida end sithdreve ¥ (Ret) MC, cate the Lighth Service Co: 21, 194h. ee AG 320.2 (zoos?) 2. Tt 1s desired that any udditional historical data be trans- mitted direct to The Quartermaster Generel at the earliest practicable date, and a copy of action taken be furnished this office. By order of the Secretary of War: AdJutant General. Copy furntehet ‘The Quartermaster General