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Starting Class

Enter the classroom in a polite and courteous manner, arriving on time

Upon entering, be ready to engage in meaningful and beautiful work on

the days assigned tasks

Cell phones will be locked in assigned lockers, the accompanying

lanyard will be taken by the student, lanyards are to be worn at all times
by student to prevent loss

Sit in the appropriate seating assignment

Follow the directions posted for the day

Everyone should be working on the reflective Do Now problem at the

start of class. (either individually or in a quiet manner within the
assigned groups)

7 minutes

Review problem that relates todays material

Work quietly on problem

Reflect upon problem in Science Journal

Be ready to contribute to the class discussion

Logical Consequences

If student arrives unprepared quietly get prepared without disrupting the

learning environment

If a student makes a mess clean it up

Is a student misuses or abuses a privilege removal or modification of privilege

If a student misuses instructional time time will be repaid; during available

times, i.e. before school, lunch, after school, detention, or by appt.

If a student fails to meet expectations remedial measures can be arranged to

help a student be more successful in the future

Disruptive or disrespectful behavior make reparations for the behavior

Cell Phone distraction Team of the member who is caught loses points*(points
still under development) bonus to another team for catching an opposing teams
phone being used in an inappropriate time

Clean up
We are responsible as a class to ensure a clean classroom

Good Housekeepingis the foundation for accident prevention. A neat,

clean and orderly workplace is asafeworkplace

Clean up will happen each day

This will not be the signal for the end of class

You may be told to pick up or clean something that was not of your
making, do not argue that it was not your mess. Simply clean it up.

Food is often a disruption to class both cleanliness wise and

instructionally, thus since it is a privilege, food items will not be allowed
in class until as such time the privilege has been earned by the whole
class as deemed by the teacher

Turning in assignments, Returning

assignments, and getting materials

Each week a different member of your team will be assigned as the

procurer of items. This will encourage and reinforce collaboration with
your peers

This means they will be the person to turn in assignments, to pass back
any graded assignments and to procure any materials that the group
may need at the time.

This does not include personal items such as writing utensils, each person is
responsible for her or his own personal supplies prior to class starting

What to do when you need Help

Try to utilize all of your available resources

Read the directions again, sometimes it is the simplest fix

If appropriate, you may ask a group member to assist you

Raise your hand; wait patiently and quietly for the Teachers

Once acknowledged, maximize your time by either proceeding on to the

next question or idea, until the teacher is able to accommodate your

Behavioral Expectations

Each student is expected to participate in class and will be responsible

for doing so; you will be held accountable by the teacher and your fellow

Please be on time. Be prepared and have all your materials with you. Be
in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings.

Respect yourself and others.

To be free is not merely to cast off ones chains, but to live in a way that
respects and enhances the freedom of others. Nelson Mandela

Follow school procedures

Harassment nor Bullying of any sort will be tolerated in the classroom

Cell Phone* Policy

Cell phone contract will be adhered to

Cell phones will be locked in personal lockers* unless preauthorization has been
made for the duration of instructional time in class.

At the Teachers discretion after instructional time, students who have earned
time may use their phones. Phone calls are not allowed without permission.

Instructional time will be devoted to in class activities.

Bonus time earned can be incrementally increased as the year propagates

50 6 x 6 lockers provided by Teacher with accompanying key attached to lanyard

*includes music players, other gadgets, or other items that shouldn't be in class