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Preservice Teacher Evaluation Form

Teacher Candidate: Dolly Duke
Methods ___ Student Teaching __X__ Portfolio_____ Observation ____ Mid-Term ____ Final Evaluation__X__

Date/Time: 3/22/16 Grade/Subject: 11th Grade English School/Mentor: Park City High School
Completer: Edward Potts

Performance Indicators: 0 No Evidence 1 Not Yet 2 Emerging 3 Meets Standard 4 Exemplary (NA Not Applicable)
Please see Utah Institutions of Higher Education Preservice Teacher Evaluation Rubric for description of each indicator

Rating Standard 1: Learner Development

The teacher understands cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional and physical areas of student development.
The teacher:
Comments and Suggestions:
Creates learning experiences
Dolly has created a variety of assessments and activities to tap into the
that demonstrate an
different developmental levels of students. She created an outstanding unit
understanding of the
relating to podcast with a focus on the Serial podcast. This unit allowed
developmental levels of
students to explore the complexity of our legal system and connect with the
learners (i.e., cognitive,
main character of the story.
linguistic, sociocultural,

emotional, and physical)
All along, Dolly has been great to work with other members of her PLC team.
Collaborates with colleagues
She is a key member of our weekly meetings.
and other professionals to
promote student growth and

Rating Standard 2: Learning Differences

The teacher understands individual learner differences and cultural and linguistic diversity.
The teacher:
Comments and Suggestions:
Dolly has selecting supplementary material with the intent to challenge all
Applies understanding of
learner diversity to encourage students and to meet the cultural needs of students. She has figured out how
all learners to reach their full
to make the content current and relevant to the students.
Designs, adapts, and delivers
instruction to address
students diverse learning
strengths and needs
Allows multiple ways to
demonstrate learning

Rating Standard 3: Learning Environments
The teacher works with learners to create environments that support individual and collaborative learning,
social interactions, active engagement in learning, and self-motivation.
The teacher:
Comments and Suggestions:
Uses a variety of classroom
Dolly was challenged by some of the junior students early on, but she has used
management strategies to
several strategies (room arrangements, seating charts, grouping methods) to
proactively gain and maintain change those attitudes in an effort to maintain control of the room.
student attention, facilitate

smooth transitions, and to
She did an excellent job communicating with parents around and during
support a positive and
parent/teacher conference time. She made phone calls and sent emails. She
respectful learning
arranged to meet with parents on alternative time schedules.
04/25/2016Performance Indicators: 0 No Evidence 1 Not Yet 2 Emerging 3 Meets Standard 4 Exemplary (NA Not Applicable)

Consistently identifies
potentially disruptive
situations and intervenes in an
appropriate and timely
manner to maintain a positive
learning environment
Encourages students to use
speaking, listening, reading,
writing, analysis, synthesis,
and decision-making skills in
collaborative learning

I think that once Dolly gets her own classroom where she can establish her
expectations early on in the year, she will not have any trouble creating the
environment that best suits her teaching style.

Rating Standard 4: Content Knowledge

The teacher understands the central concepts, tools of inquiry, and structures of the discipline.
The teacher:
Comments and Suggestions:
Towards the end of her student teaching, she started to experiment with
Understands and conveys
accurate content and process different ways to deliver content information and reinforce English specific
knowledge of the discipline
skills. She has been great all along with connecting Core standards to what she
Connects content to Utah
is doing. Now she is reaching a point where she is considering a variety of
State Core Standards,
approaches to reach those standards.
personal schemas, and real

world contexts
She has done an excellent job of listening to the students and working with
Supports students in learning them to create meaningful and engaging lessons. This has helped her to get
and using academic language
students to buy into the class better than most student teachers are able to do.
accurately and meaningfully
Uses multiple representations
of concepts that capture key
ideas and makes content
Engages students in methods
of inquiry and standards of
evidence used in a specific

Rating Standard 5: Assessment

The teacher uses multiple methods of assessment to engage learners in their own growth, monitor learner
progress, guide planning and instruction, and determine whether the outcomes described in content standards
have been met.
The teacher:
Comments and Suggestions
Uses multiple methods of
I have been most impressed by Dollys willingness to explore different forms of
formal and informal
assessments to connect with students. She is very creative in her lesson plan
assessments to guide planning design. She is great and staying current with best practices. She was willing to
and adapt instruction
try new technology to help facilitate an assessment or activity.
Designs or selects appropriate
assessments in a variety of
She is great a working with students beyond the school day on writing tasks.
formats to determine whether
The last essay she assigned, she created an activity to get students to reflect on
learning objectives described
their strengths and weaknesses.
in state standards have been

I know that with her sophomore class, she made a variety of accommodations
Provides ways for learners to
monitor and reflect upon their for a speech assignment that some of her EL students were struggling with.
own progress
Identifies the elements of
quality work and provides
timely feedback
Documents student progress
04/25/2016Performance Indicators: 0 No Evidence 1 Not Yet 2 Emerging 3 Meets Standard 4 Exemplary (NA Not Applicable)

and provides descriptive

feedback to students and
other stakeholders
Adjusts assessment methods
and makes appropriate
accommodations for students
with special learning needs

Rating Standard 6: Instructional Planning

The teacher plans instruction to support students in meeting rigorous learning goals by drawing upon knowledge
of content areas, Utah Core Standards, instructional best practices, and the community context.
The teacher:
Comments and Suggestions
I have addressed this in some of the comments above, but one of Dollys
Prepares workable,
meaningful and
strengths is to constantly reflect on the lesson planning process in order to
developmentally appropriate
figure out the best way to present information. She is not content on using
written lesson plans aligned to pre-established lesson plans. She wants lessons that cater to her students
state standards
need, and she consults outside sources in order to supplement the direction
Applies learners sociocultural she wants to go in.
backgrounds in the design of

instruction to encourage all
She has been great at asking for and using WIDA scores, IEPs, and 504 plans to
learners to reach their full
accommodate for students that need additional support. She has met with our
Adapts pre-determined plans, schools ESL teachers and aids to lesson plan an receive assistance.
materials, and time frames to
create learning experiences
that are relevant to learners
and based on effective
Differentiates, as needed, to
meet individual learner needs
Plans authentic learning
experiences for students to
use thinking skills and create
original work
Plans varied group
configurations that support
objectives and provide
opportunities for learners to
develop communication skills

Rating Standard 7: Instructional Strategies
The teacher uses various instructional strategies to ensure that all learners develop a deep understanding of
content areas and their connections, and build skills to apply and extend knowledge in meaningful ways.
The teacher:
Comments and Suggestions
Dolly is still building her tool-box of strategies, but her willingness to try new
Practices a range of
developmentally, culturally,
assessments and activities assures me that she will have no problem
and linguistically appropriate developing a strategy for any unique situation that might arise in the teaching
instructional strategies to
meet the needs of students

diverse cognitive levels and
Some of her last few units really hit on authentic learning experiences. There
learning styles (i.e,
was an attempt to make the instruction very relevant and current.
Provides multiple
opportunities for students to

04/25/2016Performance Indicators: 0 No Evidence 1 Not Yet 2 Emerging 3 Meets Standard 4 Exemplary (NA Not Applicable)

develop higher order and

metacognitive skills (e. g.,
problem solving, predicting,
organizing, summarizing,
categorizing, evaluating,
questioning, self-monitoring).
Supports and expands
learners communication skills
Uses a variety of effective
technology and resources to
support learning
Develops learners abilities to
find and use information to
solve real world problems
Uses a variety of questioning
strategies to promote
engagement and learning

Rating Standard 8: Reflection and Continuous Growth

The teacher is a reflective practitioner who uses evidence to continually evaluate and adapt practice to meet
the needs of each learner.
The teacher:
Comments and Suggestions
Dolly knows her strengths and weaknesses. She is great in playing off her
Participates in a meaningful
lesson reflection with
strengths, and she continually works on her weaknesses. She really put in the
effort in the end of her tenure here to reveal more of her personality in order
Accepts suggestions and
to make connections with the students.
constructive criticism to adapt
and improve practice over
I was able to eavesdrop on conversation she was having with a student who
was making up an essay, and I could hear and see Dolly working at making
Identifies own background
connections with a student who rarely opens up.
and experiences that have an
impact on teaching and
learning relationships

Rating Standard 9: Leadership and Collaboration

The teacher is a leader who engages collaboratively with learners, families, colleagues, and community
members to build a shared vision and supportive professional culture focused on student growth and success.
The teacher:
Comments and Suggestions
Dolly has been great with being a member of the school community. She has
Collaborates to develop
cordial professional and
volunteered for several activities outside of the classroom. She has very helpful
family relationships to fulfill
with our sophomore parent night orientation. She answered questions and
required duties and promote
delivered some summaries of the curriculum for the 10th grade year
student learning

Rating Standard 10: Professional and Ethical Behavior
The teacher demonstrates the highest standard of legal, moral, and ethical conduct in compliance with federal
and state rules and laws.
The teacher:
Comments and Suggestions
Demonstrates professionalism Dolly knows hot to look and act the part of teacher. She is very professional in
including: professional
all of her school duties.
appearance, punctuality,
attendance, flexibility,
compliance with federal and
state rules and laws

Goals: As you wait to hear about up-coming teaching jobs, find ways to still be involved in education. You should
04/25/2016Performance Indicators: 0 No Evidence 1 Not Yet 2 Emerging 3 Meets Standard 4 Exemplary (NA Not Applicable)

continue to observe other teachers, substitute teach in some of the schools you are applying for work, and create

General Comments:
Dolly is going to be a highly effective teacher. She has worked through some of the problems that can exist with
student teaching, and she is reflective enough to know how to do things differently the next time a problem arises.
For someone new to the profession, she has the knowledge and confidence to make it through possible trying
moments that can happen in a teachers first full year.

Any school would be lucky to have her in their English department.

04/25/2016Performance Indicators: 0 No Evidence 1 Not Yet 2 Emerging 3 Meets Standard 4 Exemplary (NA Not Applicable)