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Executive Branch Personnel PUBLIC FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT a a a oS a TT Fara ionmen ian tr) fom | EX] Grtytges |eiease [] | rie] tt. | yaa vez0i9 bh mu] [asin tetra a TO cee pepoing lint None Lorn sce aa dpe oor je tas tga ot, rrr SE aan rosin Wich Fins —_|oscrtary a Sie aes eco eprtg Fore = ate Sites Onparmert ot feces EE om a ae OF FESR] a meaner erste Locsin of Pre foe famaace mints [eae est 20% c Set wath. 20520 fra ox-7056 Sena mf Fe end — [Tit ant Da seb aiate ramen trata iihnas act nd [Terie nen Pen: ering hcntnd ep yer ft eminent a a eS a fea eve a O- i Saale ase [SS ee ee sidecases 17 & os/isfoo1s scons “Otter Review, ea Tp Tea prenvn ee tfing Va ‘eaeareaty fein gota eg ms ‘Schedule B-Not pice ees _—— me ee coerce meer | Meme Disronee aos [is ESSoeeet : Office of Government Ethics esol aati ree i G7 pre 620s frets actitt Sens —e tt eer eae See (eset Yom oe contd er) TAY 2 9 SCHEDULE A ‘Assets and Income Valuation of Assets facome: ype and amount If None (or lew than S201)” ceske, clos of rpoting period footer ey is needed in Blok C for ta tem er a a Tape Amount ie | Om Tverd Tras Sin Oersiase iil fas Ta TEN pe Senn Te TRS Raa AT RTE MS ERT —| hr highs cages fe SCHEDULE A 2 Valuation of Assets income: type and amount IF None (or less than S201)" is eecke, at love of reporting period Joo oter erry ico in Block C for that tem Pe Amount eet mae an $20 por poo epee er [see anacned Raa aE TOT ite flr oi i pus nest den ma He cas ‘SCHEDULE A continued (seen fede FA i = He a i ei iB 5 TT SS = : | : i Sirsa must «| SCHEDULE A continued sa ane I Non (re an S17 oss Tepid SS Tena priya mai Tarr 2814 ideal va ‘Amer and Taco [eR ‘SCHEDULE A continued ‘SCHEDULE A continued voed < ER B3 5 ‘SCHEDULE A continued ‘3 - scum ‘SCHEDULE A. 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Hv alt Sfoomcenair Raleeniela a aE = ie ] —— oT Pom fel - j fost eat compl ena yous sn etat rorne Ve Peete Pena Cane freer ‘SCHEDULE B continued foie: Jpart 1: Transactions == wee rH | i { ‘SCHEDULE B continued cece Jpart 1 Transactions a foe oom ae s[osaseee mews |_| eon x | slower vr = TT emary SESeIE + Donec Seba i jou nwt orn re Pretentae Prone Canta a SCHEDULE co aa Part: Transactions eee! ial BE Jemeeconervennie x] pom |e ine antonenih TT [x [iivanapom witertmsaeroea nea Siete ide anna dthewpta SCHEDULE B continued ree ce : Tenens I = ! } ih aoe tld ! ; i ome SHESIc eee lille Dn netcomplt eh Bi ote hen oni ee Prt Prien edie ‘SCHEDULE B continued ee lpart 1: Transactions Hall Tae 213 Ae x fens cam ree x{ [sm [x fis teste capper > x] | vane fe ie terete a Por x{ [om | [x Ean RT Spe TSS TST letersi gmap cn. ache ih cei ee oo SCHEDULE B continued part: Transactions == fd] 7” lstetitisiae il ‘SCHEDULE B continued part: Transactions —-- Halll HE a Simevopameer alle ccareesrcnen sea eat cola eh iso mera aif Pit or Per can ‘SCHEDULE B continucd (Uses sett Jrart 1: Transactions mana ial i eee ele a tom fe ae Lh |e | — Ll | efowwesape cant Paes UF «| [vom] | ‘ | ‘| I Dena colt Sebi yo ae mate amin fe Pritt Perl ante ro Hat" = ee —— IC | Shower Lee T I = Le LLLEL prone “[fel> T Jam way ‘SCHEDULE B continued Jpare 1: Transactions — Hah i i forenoon eto r Fes 5 4 2 ches a een i iy a tonne Peo Pena tie — SCHEDULE B continsd a= Part Transactions Fe Wy = ial au ‘SCHEDULE. Beontinved [Part I: Transactions a sli i oe x| | woe x SEES EE = ecco eb joe mat amis Prt Pel ante ‘SCHEDULE B continued (Ween tsnt [part 1: Transactions — He i H= ‘SCHEDULE B continued Jpart 1 Transactions {ena peven Pem ai ra in x] | 2mm fx ami wey re x] [eee ‘SCHEDULE B continued i, ——= bere i | — TEE ——— othe orca emer Tl fn cme Pen iP Lb sae ‘SCHEDULE B continued re = bavi rami — Halt" lalla ql [ce meme a p= fl —— o eas forename emeronvar al (aaa spore mrmmeroevr tT tl foreseen ey Fe ch =| [noel fannemtesir a eam [x r ‘SCHEDULE B continued pare: Transactions i ran Feat =| [vem saya oorssensi te ye unser set aes Yuareve PatetCn ae ey = Part Transactions a Af Te ! eRe ale fnew mre mer x) fem | fe Fs ap a SREY oT OT Bera TOR TIT [iene ps rn een oer po cerry nee Nae SCHEDULE B continued fous . ae es ealad] bee ils! EEE ose csom race x| foaw] |x fan cvcrroci x] [wane 3 foe vae roe x] | ame [ett by ert rn ant cen ehh cm, ea — reer “+ a ae iu Maacnecen | [aaa one ies em ee ota ileal emnreen ead ee ‘SCHEDULE B continued <= tld i ul | yet aha Do net complete Schedule Bi you are anew entrant. nominee, o Vice Presidential o Presidential Candidate ee Te a poner Kory (Use only if needed) 460 Part I Transactions CS a ne. Nz ele #28 4] JE] aon | sale] \2 S| 3]: aS Hall H UHR —————— aero . JOctavian Global Fund, LP x various _ ‘5 |Seroban Oppontunt Fund, LLC (Series 8) Ae eet He 5 te ni wn a x ones ness cies cea Tel [woe - 1 [BY Moton Son Frm wos Bon Fone xp] | mom x SEAT STE SAT TT SSE RE TED TSE PT OES TT RTT TST [en fir yell ye enna pos or denn chen ne ahr hr Saag ae a — john Kery SCHEDULE C = Part I: Liabilities cpr bier ve $10.00 oe anyone Jnr aan tine ing he eporing pod fs yu serps, or piace eon iene nis et Serauy ase mace ‘None [2] [ome Excede neoe SSiasts ee ce ee ealéele8] See S1 2] & eed oi EES IU les oon SSE SS fea ef Eft E {See attached ET TE OST TTI AT [Part Il: Agreements or Arrangements er your zeae urgent () tivigpariiaton an rover bts un cg etn lh, Jered competetion) cenit rot 8 meen cain rn pommel) ees Tae eon TRS SRI A TS TDI TBS TET TT TT fabs: () ee enpoymeet Sex eset repaint poring ‘Steins ay fase ranges ee None DE. Sloan on ee ru 00 aa RA AEA wa ph pa EE TPT ape ‘SCHEDULE C eae Part 1 Libaiies a Re now ear fecceeecnmaar™ = Exercise Wl Rmmngeacemaneee | Ramngevioe, au ral ales eee cee | F ] a ae 1 DERE EEE poe eee se leedeeeel ete ores anf teow | Te — msi) ooceaas fia fst atone Amann [omar [2 [ea [ rome x ea pomcae t= ao 5 fsoson 162 Ine 2) Metin Bank NA, Pitsurgh, PA [une of Creat ors | aati] s| aA BOR j == ae SCHEDULE C os lpart I: Liabilities etna sttimtnayee pmien ie ve SST =o Wedeeial g Sa on eels i] le HEsteal 4 =a eae He 3 ae oe as 3 one [Saree aus 7 7 ia Fay Sanne Rr lowestman fac 2) onde ites jsorpeh ne Sougr pein) [par Paces Pot, a [car Corman won| wa] onoenare 5 REGRETS Comme EN LFS [capes careiner zoor | WA | onberana | 2 EASES SPSTPRPRTTITF SS cpt Cormier wom | wa | onoenas | _[ercwersc rom frames woe | WA | noma [Spo Ct BeOS PIV TFB pecan voor | wa_| Oommen SCHEDULE C or pears open ede eck smo od Sr oe fcc anytime Sang the ein pred Eee Ercde ones no recat rent ‘snd smote Sods See ep tno None ey estar Oncor x 7 [bec Cpa ve Yo capa Cora won| wa [ Ooo pee warren vay ox [Captor war] wa | Onoenee [EA assures Fond, (P-Series BOK BEER [Copa Commannt 007 | wa | OnDemand + Ran ORT SOT TETIST ocoe sare boos [soon wa [ve 5 [cence Copa Pome UP, Now Yon W [cape Corminert 708 | WA | Onbenene {ROGER PUNINT, legen Gamnanen am |_WA | onoenee efesene Cage ERV PTT [ena conminen mam] wa_| Ovo oor Sen 0 Ben A om Ecco [boner Sree UF, Boro, A [capt Conroe “acs | wa | Onbenane er Sie vi Bon a Gossamer zoir | wa | ovo pS samy tin arg epi ed rien: SCHEDULE C es Part I: Liabilities fepatiaati oe Sn10 ont ey eer eine to one EI 2a eng snc ocd ig founnaies incianemacae ried Eniccraonpet joe SCkshar ran Sa et laste eon Re =] [Ps see iP eer wa zois | NA | OOenand $]pitc sere Dee a L80 nL, wars _[captalCoreirer 708 | NA_| Onbenana x 2 RETEST PIV Sag contract wom] wa | ovomn| [x irae Capt Conbaage MA [copes Coreen 06 [Na | ovoemana |_| x $lmetestParreX UF Meno Poa CA [Canta Corminert 08 | WA | Ondemene x Ree FITTS [eapea career aor | Na | onbemana || x 1 [RRR ERT FRET TR TTC conminet me wa [oromee | | [x 3 [Rr an Eney FORT TP TOS ean Cornet zie [WA _| onoanens | 3 lenReaty Fund v. LP, Los Argel CA [Cpt Careinart we | WA | ovowmen | [x Reena TTP Ren YOR— [pe conminent wwe | Na | oroomm | [x a 1 PSS ESTE FSET [ep conmment ar | Na [oom | |e lpn sx veote cP Paw GA [ese Soeniner 73 | WA | ovownas | > t Fhmmcreni omc femme moa | wa | oroenare | [x l l [ere = ‘SCHEDULE C saa part Linbities cecueceascetpaya panies — eal fiersams incase creme rind mal wc — Sine eae a cm fee leslesie] Bee aeren Soa e 7s Pemex cee cr eet Cera wn_[ ovens 5 pena em be on nme aee| wo [cote | Pe len Gentane nin een fmt omeee mr | | otarwe x fai netGomiea infant fet ome ara[ wa [order i = [Poare vere Parner UP, Watham WA [Capi Commarent a0 { wa | Ondemana | | x frotns venure Parnersv Pw MA _|Captal Gorumarent 2006 | wa | Onderana | x 1 |Recper Geona Panes LP, Boston, MA* [Cantal Grmarent ‘2007 | wa | Onderana x ‘einen Con Te [emt Gooner Ta| we | orton] [x 5 eee NSES ITE Sessa comminen er] wa | ondenane |_| x 1g pterensien Reaty wenn VNTLP, Sa |p Conmanent zor] wa | onoerana |_| x bel meen pee eel [capital Comment 2007] wa | Ondemena ‘< | [Francisco CA mam a [Sivine Venixe Patna LP, Pam Ao, CA [apt Conminers [2007 | wa | ondemane x lum canon UF Manson oreo Stee 7 we = Bl on ig |oterra Cepia Parnes LP Batimore MO [Capital Conmanert [2208 [wa [onoenane [|x [seer ant Pe? Bur WO. [apn Com [mr [we | oroerens [x Fecha Rea SCHEDULE C [Part I: Liabilities ee amen pdt coe — ee eet ere pom eee Exec : ie aslealeg| Hey — FEL AG| iam Ee =} Fortes eros wn [roams [| [x Lo eee Sea te aE ef ee ee ew taratra foam eee, a ee : 8 |Boston, MA = §frwmas teensy Fond UP, Botn MA [apt Conmnert 08 | wa [ Onderana | x a dpe Rares Fellows Erdownent Fut csp2ai Comment 213] NA | OnDemand i: Basel : er = Sa - fiom. Keay SCHEDULE D i Part I: Positions Held Outside U.S. Government fer ny potions el dung he applate eportng riod wheter oon fan corporation Sm, partenip other bos energie or ay ripen orm Pesos hcl tt evo intedo bose ofanoMTce, hapa ergy edu stan Exclude psitns wah rs, neon rte pare, rp reese capioser ‘Sci ra or pil enter and ose sole ofan hoor) eau None Tpaainn TanerarT Tee Testes | eae Part I: Compensation in Excess of $5,000 Paid by O1 feta aioe revs pone! Srey y you surnam ory of foc poring prod, Tis cus fe mums of lcs and carseat” crraon dom, pater, or ter asses ep fy Oe! ine Souree “recy vied he seo peri ‘Youscal Saree US: Gove ‘Do not complete this part if you are an Incumbent, Termination Fle, or Vice residential or Presidential Candidate, * Income information for 2014 isnot yet available; therefore, income amounts are ‘based on actual 2013 income. Where no 2014 income information exist, for ‘example new investments during 2014, an estimate is made based on type and amount of income from similar investments within tbe same asset class. 2014 FOOTNOTES OGE Executive Branch Personnel PUBLIC FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT My spouse is a beneficiary of two discretionary trusts as defined in US. Office of Government Ethies Memorandum DO-08-024 (Aug. 6, 2008). These trusts are the H.J. Heinz Il Charitable & Family Trust and the H.J. Heinz Il Family Trust. ‘The Heinz Family Commingled Alternative Investment Funds (whieh includes HFCF Altemative Investment Fund #1, HFCF Alternative Investment Fund #2, HECF Alternative Investment Fund #3, HF] Alternative Investment Fund #4, HFL ‘Alternative Investment Fund #5); the Heinz Family Commingled Stock Fund I; THI Intermediate Term Fund I LP: HF Imperial Fund, LP; HFI Index Fund, LPs snd HEI Diversified Investments, LP are Heinz Family Investment Vehicles and are jointly held by several family tusts, This report discloses only the HJ. Heinz IL Marital Trust percentage ownership value in these Heinz Family Investment Vehicles ‘The Dreyfus Treasury Prime Cash Management, Dreyfus US Treasury Reserve, [BNY Mellon Money Market Fund, BNY Mellon National Short-Term Municipal Bond Fund, and BNY Mellon Intermediate Municipal Bond Fund are considered cash or cash equivalent funds that are purchased and sold numerous times ‘throughout the year to meet cash requirements ‘As noted in Footnote #2, the Heinz Family Commingled Alternative Investment Funds are Heinz Family Investment Vehicles that are jointly held by several family trusts. This report discloses only the HJ. Heinz. ll Marital Trust percentage liability value in these Heinz Family Investment Vehicles.

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