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Juliana Reents

Education Field Experience EDUC 230 01

Professor Suk
Spring 2016
Artifact 7 - High School Lesson Plan
Grade Level: 11th
Topic: Innovation & Tech In WWI
Subject: High School Social Studies
Objective: Students will be able to identify the technological advancements that propelled WWI
and examine their impact on the soldiers.
Standards: NJCCS for Social Studies 6.1.12.C.7.a. (NJCCCS)
"Determine how technological advancements affected the nature of World War I on land, on
water, and in the air."
Materials: notebooks, pencils, PowerPoint, projector, white board, white board markers
textbooks, desks, balls of scrap paper, worksheet chart
Prerequisite Skills and Knowledge: Students will have recently completed a lesson on the
causes of WWI. For homework the night before this lesson will be taught students will have read
a brief summary on the technology used in WWI.
Anticipatory Set: Students will walk in to find their desks rearranged creating two trenches.
After being split into two opposing countries (teams). They will play dodgeball with balls of
crumbled paper on bended knee while staying safe and hidden behind the trench (desks). The
game ends when one side wins with one student still alive.
Input and Modeling: After discussing the anticipatory set, the teacher will provide a lecture
PowerPoint to teach about the different technical advancements in the war. We will discuss how
they affected the war like no other war before. The teacher will then model the student practice
activity by filling in part of the chart in front of the class.
Student Practice and Checking for Understanding:
1. Have students split into groups and complete a chart using the textbook pages that
correlate with the top of the lesson. They will have to write the name of the technology,
draw a picture of it and write a sentence about how it was used.
2. The teacher will walk around and make sure everyone is on task. The teacher will lend
guidance where it is needed.
3. When each group is finished one group member will choose one piece of technology and
fill in the corresponding information on the board.
4. Students will use what's on the board after we go over it to fill in any missing pieces in
their chart.
Closure: Lesson Wrap up and Culminating Activity
Teacher will facilitate quick verbal formative assessment using as many students that participate
1. What were the major dangers of trench warfare?
2. What was a major benefit of the machine gun?
The culminating activity will be a Unit Exam about WWI. This will include content learned
throughout the unit including content from this particular lesson.

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