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Juliana Reents

Professor Suk
EDUC 230 01 Education Field Experience
Spring 2016
Rationale Statement Standard 7
Standard 7: Planning Instruction
The teacher plans instruction that supports every student in meeting rigorous learning goals by
drawing upon knowledge of content areas, curriculum, cross disciplinary skills, and pedagogy,
as well as knowledge of learned and the community
Artifact: Lesson Plan
Date of Completion: April 12, 2016
Course Completed in: EDUC 230 01 Education Field Experience
Rationale Statement:
This is a formal lesson plan I created for my Field Experience class. From looking at the
NJ Curriculum Standards for Social Studies, I decided to teach a lesson on the Innovation and
Technology in WWI. My lesson plan directly correlates to Essential Knowledge 7.2 which states
the teacher understands how integrating cross disciplinary skills in instruction engages
learning purposefully in applying content knowledge. Cross disciplinary skills are 21st century
skills like critical thinking, creativity and cooperating learning. I use all of these in my lesson
plan. My anticipatory set is a fun game that puts the students in the show of WWI soldiers
fighting trench warfare styles. This requires them to work together in a team, use strategy and
also applies the knowledge of trench warfare to our real life classroom. During the student
practice section of the lesson plan I have students work in groups and critically think about the
effects of certain technologies used in the war. These answers may not be perfectly laid out in the
textbook, so it will require them to understand and critically think about it.
I learned how strict and structured a lesson plan has to be. It is important to base a lesson
plan off of student's prerequisite knowledge. I had to make sure that what I was teaching was
relevant to what the students had already learned about WWI. I also had to make sure that my
objectives were reasonable and kept in line with the Curriculum Standards. I also learned how
many materials went into a lesson. There are the obvious ones like pencils, pens, papers but also
lecture slides, worksheets and a projector. I found myself going back and adding in materials
because I had forgotten something.
I actually came up with the anticipatory set for this lesson when I was a student in high
school. I remember learning about WWI and trench warfare in particular. My teacher showed us
a very interesting video and somehow the idea of pushing the desks in a classroom into the
design of trenches came to mind. I liked the idea but had no idea that two years later I would
actually be using it in a lesson plan! I hope to use this idea if not the entire lesson plan. World

Reents 2
War I changed so much in terms of warfare and I think it is very important to teach it. I also hope
to use this engaging lesson plan to reach as many students as possible. Teaching wars in history
is not always interesting or engaging for all students but I aim to make it so!
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