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WAR DEPARDENT ‘The Adjutant General's Offico Washington AG 31h. 73 Becember LL, 1942. oB-T Organization History. D0: Chief, Historical Section, Aruy War College. Report is made of the redesignation of tne 7slst Bnginser Ratlvay Operating Battalion as the 75lst Hallray Operating bett: TG. per iG 320.2 (LL December 2, 1942. The (loth Engineer Ratlvay Battalion, Communications Zone, was eilotted to the Ninth Service Vosmand to reslece the 6lath Engineer Neilvey Battalion vith sase status as to allocation, ete. por 320.2 OR (3-11-27); Engineer Heilvay Battelin Was redesignated Enginecr Battalion (Railvay Opereting) by AG 320.2 Engineers dated June 20, 1933, The 616th Engineer Battalion ras redesignated the 75ist. Engineer Battalion and witiératm Irom the Ninth Service Command ond allotted to the Eighth Service Cossand per AG 320.2 (2-8-41) M (Ret) NC, dated February 21, 194h. 2, Tt ie desired that any additional historical date be trans- mitted direct to The Quartermaster General at the earliest practicable date, and a copy of action taken bs furnished thie office. By order of the Secretary of War: Gree Janson Adjutant, General. cons, furnteheds a 1, ECD HSTOROAL SEALE. DEC 17 1942