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Nowadays, energy is one of the most important concerns in a country, it is important in the
development of a society, for that reason the humanity are always looking for different
sources of energy. In the world, the principal source of energy is the oil; however, the
principal problem of it is the level of pollution that produce during its extraction and its
potential pollution in case of split.
In the last days of January, the Peruvian Amazon has suffered an oil split that contaminated
the rivers and other effluents, those transport the oil and destroyed 30 hectares of the
Amazonia, put in danger of extinction many species and their habits. This event makes us
to reconsider the energetic benefices of the oil and look other alternatives of solution. In my
opinion, we should continue exploiting the deposits of oil only if industries in charge of the
exploitation take strict control methods during the exploitations until we found another
source of energy more viable and less polluted impact in the environment.
Firstly, this environmental disaster was not an inevitable disaster. The split of oil is not a
unusual event, the president of Petroperú admitted that the split was caused by geological
causes like earth displacement, intense rains, etc. However, they also admitted that there is
some weakness in the maintenance. If Petroperú would take strict control methods in the
maintenance of the equipment, the split of oil in the Amazonia had not happen.
Secondly, a research by Urphy Vásquez published in 2012, shows that oil is the greatest
source of energy in Peru, oil represent almost 50% of the total energy consumption in the
country. For that reason, close all the crude reserved oil is not a reasonable solution for the
problems of oil contamination. It will cause a energetically crisis, because oil is an
energetically source really involved with sectors like Transport, Industry, Commerce and
Electricity. For that reason does not operate “the seventh-largest crude oil reserve holder in
Central and South America, with 741 million barrels of estimated proved reserves (EIA,
2015)” will be a lost opportunity for the development of the country.
The dilemma is between the contamination and the demand of energy in a country.
Este desastre ambiental no fue un “accidente inevitable”, mucho menos un “acto de dios”.
Explosiones en pozos petroleros no son insólitas. Pero BP rehusó gastar el dinero y el
esfuerzo en medidas preventivas y equipo de seguridad y protección ambiental.
Also, many traditional communities of the Amazon are in danger in health, in social and in
economic development. The water that they consume is contaminated, the land that they
produce their food is contaminated and polluted, their economy that depend of their
cosechas and as their fertile land are reduce because of the contamination so the
communities lose money and didn't developed property
However, oil is one of the worst contaminated in the world. All the Amazonia is
contaminated with oil, the river and affluent expand the area affected and many
investigators have conclude that remove the oil split is really difficult and is a exhaustive
work. Petroperu affirmed that to remove the oil from rivers will take a year, although, clean

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