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Title: Souls Activity- Walk Two Moons

Subject/ Grade Level/ Dates: ELA/ 5th Grade/ April 21st, 2016
Time Requirement: 20-30 minutes
Materials List:
Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech
Blank paper
Colored pencils/ crayons
Type of Lesson: Whole Group, Independent
Connection to Standards:
Determine the meaning of general academic and
domainspecific words and phrases in a text relevant
to a grade 5 topic or subject area. (5.RI.4)
Write opinion pieces on topics or texts, supporting a
point of view with reasons and information. (5.W.1)

Instructional Objectives:
Students will be able to create a product using information from the novel
Walk Two Moons.
Instructional Plan:
Anticipatory Set:
Previous to this lesson, our class has been reading 1-2 chapters from the
novel, Walk Two Moons, written by Sharon Creech each day. We will use this
prior knowledge in order to successfully complete this lesson. In chapter 21
Souls, of the novel, the teacher gives students a challenge to draw their
soul. I will review this content with students, asking questions about Chapter
21. I will have students brainstorm in their heads, and tell a partner one
thing that their soul would include if they were to draw their soul.
Guided Practice:
I will then distribute paper and crayons/colored pencils to each student, and
give them simple directions: You have 30 seconds to draw your soul. I will
time students for 30 seconds, and then immediately collect their papers. I
will hang the papers on the board, and let students look at the souls in the
room. I will ask questions such as What do you notice about the souls? Are
there any similarities? Differences? I will then call students up by table to
get their souls from the board. On the back, I will ask students to write a
response paragraph.

To model during this lesson, I will demonstrate to students examples of souls on the
board. I will model with my fingers any numbers we go over (for time allotments,
etc.) and by writing and drawing on the board if needed. I will also, repeating any
questions or information to be clearer, etc.

Throughout the lesson, I will ask questions such as:
What did students notice about souls in the story?
What do you notice about your souls?
Are there any similarities? Differences?
What does your soul look like?
Are there any questions?
To close, I will ask students to share their soul with a partner or table
In order to be successful during this lesson, students must be paying attention,
actively listening and participating, and following directions. I will be using formative
assessment, checking in on students throughout the lesson for comprehension. I will
ask things such as Give me a thumbs up if you are understanding this! or Raise
your hand if that question was a little difficult for you-lets go over that before we
move on.

Modifications: To support students with IEP goals, I will modify the amount of
time in order to draw the soul, and allow more time and less sentences for the
response. I know these students can be successful in problem solving; I will speak
clearly and give students extra clarification if needed. I will also give more time to
those who need it. In order to support ELL students, I will write on the white board,
and hold it up so they can visually see the problem or question. Throughout the
lesson, if I notice students are struggling, I can adjust the questions or the length of
the lesson.

Lesson Plan- Tori Guerchon